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PANELTECH.US Corp. Releases Its New Biodegradable Bags Designed to Support a Sustainable Future

by Ernest Harry

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – PANELTECH.US Corp., a bio-solutions company based in California and Taiwan, is launching its own line of Biodegradable Shellfish Plastic (BSP) Bags. Our new patented bio-technology product biodegrades within two years without causing harm to the environment and conforms to the biodegradability standard PAS9017, introduced in 2020 by the British Standards Institute. Our new BSP bags also effectively preserves fresh foods, extending shelf life of food by 50%*.

PANELTECH.US specializes in the green materials industry, providing sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based products. Our green solutions align with the goals of the world’s governing bodies for a sustainable future, global climate change, and circular economy that are scalable, profitable and flexible.

Highlighting these worldwide goals, the European Investment Bank (EIB) proclaimed itself as a “Climate Bank”, committing EUR One Trillion into Green Climate Economy investments by 2030. Additionally, World Bank (WB) committed 35% of their budget to Climate Improvement projects by 2025. Noted throughout, PANELTECH.US’ strategy aligns with EIB, WB, and other global initiatives.

Together, our various green solutions will be incorporated worldwide, implementing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to uplift Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) among suppliers, retailers and brands.

Using PANELTECH.US’ patented bio-technology, we successfully re-engineered various forms of bio-waste into bio-based plastics and other green materials. The bio-waste material used for our new BSP bags derive from oyster shells waste, replacing up to 50% of the synthetic polymer needed to make plastic packaging. Our process reduces the amount of petroleum-based plastics used in the manufacturing process, while simultaneously using this bio-waste, which, previously, had gone unused.

Our products are certified as a nontoxic and non-harmful substance by SGS, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute and other government authorities. Our BSP bags have no detectable traces of heavy metals and have eco-credentials. The shells come from a sustainable waste-stream from the maricultural industry that would have otherwise been discarded. Our formulation does not contain food stock and there are no genetic modifications.

The BSP negative-carbon characteristic include polymers that are not oil-based. All bio-waste ingredients come from local resources, allowing BSP to have an extremely low carbon footprint, drastically reducing the amount of CO2 produced by synthetic polymers.

(Photo via pexels.com)


While being used as food storage, BSP bags can effectively extend the shelf life of refrigerated vegetables and fruit by 7-14 days (more than 50% compared to food preserved in regular plastic bags) and meat and seafood by 3-7 days, thanks to the inherent feature of BSP bags of far-infrared radiation. This additional functionality encourages customers to reuse these biodegradable bags beyond the typical shopping bags at cashier checkout.

Our BSP bags are an environmentally friendly, economical and multifunctional alternative to traditional plastic bags. Unlike PE, PP, PET bags, BSP bags are recyclable, reusable, compostable and significantly reduces the use of plastic. With fresh produce, meat and seafood storage capabilities, BSP bags have more utility compared to paper and fabric bags. Moreover, the manufacturing of BSP bags is not disruptive to traditional production, hence difficulties of raw material replacement and reusability is low to non-existent when compared to biodegradable plastic PLA, which is currently problematic. Additionally, carbon emissions are reduced by 44%, and BSP material costs are similar to traditional PE materials.

Learn more about PANELTECH.US Corp’s unique products developed using our patented bio-technology available soon. For partnership and sales inquiries contact info@paneltech.us

*Based on shelf-life evaluation testing done with BSP Bags in comparison to traditional 100% PE plastic bags dated October 2020.

Media Contact Information:
Press Contact: Tiffany Jan
E-mail: tiffany12@paneltech.us
TEL: +1(626)363-3123


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