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Use Public Transportation to Improve Traffic Congestion and Pollution

by Audrey Hazel

Every big city has limited space. When people go to live and work in the city, the traffic flow is increasing. Public transportation can improve traffic congestion and exhaust pollution.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – With the rapid development of industry and the continuous expansion of cities, the transportation of each city is valued by the public. Especially in cities with highway development as the main axis, when the city becomes more and more crowded, and the environmental quality is getting worse and worse, then public transportation is needed to improve the problem.

What problems can private cars and motorcycles cause?
● Air pollution
● Heavy traffic
● Insufficient parking space
● Need frequent inspection
● Increase in traffic accidents
● Need a workforce to direct traffic

The main axis of urban development, Mass Rapid Transit, Light Rail Transit, and Bus are well integrated in many large cities and play a very important role. In Taiwan, the government encourages people to use MRT, buses, and bicycles instead of cars or motorcycles to improve traffic congestion and air pollution. For the public, expensive parking fees are a burden, which is why they choose public transportation.

Parking fees in Taipei City are as high as NT$70 per hour. (Photo via Merxwire)

In Taiwan, Taipei City, Taichung City, and Kaohsiung City all have convenient MRT systems, and the scope of the system continues to expand to improve services. In order to encourage people to reduce the use of private cars or motorcycles and increase the use of public transportation, many counties and cities have introduced discounts.

For example, Taipei City launched only need to pay NT$1280 per month to purchase a commuter pass, and you can use Taipei MRT, New Taipei City Bus, Taipei City Bus (a route that is charged per time), Danhai LRT for 30 days without limitations. You can also rent a YouBike in Taipei City with the pass; the first 30 minutes are free (original price NT$5).

Using space for parking is a waste of cities. (Photo via Merxwire)

In addition to the above methods, the Taiwan government also implements the High-occupancy vehicle lane policy during consecutive holidays or peak hours; there must be three or more people to drive the national highway. This method means that two people can only use public transportation or general roads when traveling, but general roads have more traffic lights, so most people choose to use public transportation.

Taiwan has also launched a policy of phasing out two-stroke engine motorcycles because the exhaust gas of two-stroke engine pollutes the environment, and some two-stroke engine motorcycles do not meet the inspection standards over time. In order to promote the elimination of two-stroke engine motorcycles, various counties and cities provide subsidies for the purchase of electric motorcycles.

In order to protect our planet, no matter which country you are in, public transportation is cheaper and reduces pollution. Although it needs to coordinate with the departure time of the transportation, when most people use public transportation, the system will become more and more perfect.

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