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The Compassion Alliance and BetterHelp Form a partnership

by Audrey Hazel

The Compassion Alliance announced that it has established a partnership with BetterHelp, the country’s largest online treatment platform, and is committed to providing assistance to those in need.

Gilbert, AZ (Merxwire) – The Compassion Alliance (TCA) is a faith-based organization dedicated to letting people see hope. We exist to provide hope, and we are committed to providing contacts and resources! Through community service, resource supply, and companionship, people in need will never be alone.

TCA announced the establishment of a partnership with BetterHelp, the largest online treatment platform in the United States, to faithfully serve those who need hope but may not know where to go, and strive to appear in the most suitable situation. If you feel painful, hurt, or want to give back to society, please contact us.

1. Unidentified Human Remains – Resourcing Family & Friends
2. First Responders – Free Trauma Services for First Responders
3. Services Opportunities – For those who want to give back

The First Responders initiative is the focus of this new partnership, as BetterHelp is dedicated to making professional counseling accessible, affordable, and convenient, so that anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere.

When asked about why this collaboration is a game changer for TCA and for those they serve, Founder Tony Rodarte replied, “We have made it our life’s work to serve the unseen.  ‘You are not alone’ is our message.  Although based in Arizona, we endeavor to provide first responders with therapists in their home state, 100% online.  Working with BetterHelp allows us to do this seamlessly, and at the expense of our non-profit.  We are incredibly blessed and humbled each time someone reaches out to us for help.  Through years of working professionally in law enforcement, I deeply understand the mental health challenges that come with the job.  This new collaboration with BetterHelp broadens our reach and augments our efforts.    We are here to serve – nationally.”

If you are a first responder, or someone you know is and would benefit from mental health care, call 602.857.9667 or confidentially fill out this form https://compassion-alliance.org/contact/.

More information please visit: http://compassion-alliance.org/

SOURCE The Compassion Alliance


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