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Where Do You Want to Go? 70% of Countries Open to Tourism

by Julie Howard

Border controls in countries affected by the epidemic have been nearly two years, and now the infection rate has been slowed down by the use of vaccines. Already nearly 70% of countries have stated that they can travel inbound as long as they show a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination and a recent negative test for the virus.

The global border policy has begun to loosen, have you decided where you want to travel? (Photo via Pixabay.com)

New York, NY (Merxwire) – Although the global new crown pneumonia epidemic has not yet ended, at the end of the year, it is time for family reunions and travel. The United States will open the European Union and other 33 countries to travel inbound on the 8th of this month, and India will also follow up on the 15th to open up foreign countries that have already received vaccines. Inbound tourists for sightseeing. Experts said: “Regardless of whether they still need to be isolated, about 70% of countries in the world have opened up foreign tourists to enter for sightseeing.”

Affected by the epidemic, border controls in various countries have been under control for nearly two years. Now, with the efforts of the world, the speed of vaccine delivery is very fast, and most countries have reached nearly 50%, allowing the epidemic to be stably controlled. Now you can travel to countries with open borders as long as you show a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination and a recent negative test for the virus.

The American Tourism Organization AAA predicts that the overall amount of Thanksgiving travel this year will rise to the level before the epidemic. It is estimated that 53.4 million Americans will embark on a travel holiday, an increase of 13% compared to last year. If you haven’t decided where you want to travel, you may be able to refer to the “Best Tourist Attractions” list proposed by National Geographic Magazine, which sorts out the 25 recommended attractions in 2022, divided into a culture, sustainability, nature, There are 5 categories such as adventure and family.

Recommended locations for “family”: Lycia, a Turkey, has an endless southwest coastline, with a pleasant climate and moderate temperature. It was selected by National Geographic as a suitable place for family outings. (Photo via unsplash.com)
Recommended locations for “Nature”: The Caprivi Strip in Namibia has nearly 145,000 elephants and a variety of wild animals. It was originally forbidden to enter because of border wars. Now safari camps and hotels are open for tourists to visit. (Photo via Pexels.com)
Recommended locations for “Adventure”: If you prefer hiking, New Brunswick, Canada has 147 kilometers of Sentier Nepisiuit Mi’gmaq Wilderness Trail. It stretches along the Nepisiguit River from the nature reserve at Daly Point to Calton Hill Provincial Park. (Photo via unsplash.com)

This year coincides with the 50th anniversary of the World Heritage Convention. 10 UNESCO-designated destinations have appeared on the list of National Geographic Magazine, including Hokkaido in Japan and Parque Nacional in Ecuador. Yasuni), Lake Baikal in Russia, Palau, and Lycia in Turkey. George Stone, the executive editor of National Geographic magazine, said: “The new crown pneumonia restricts our travel abroad, so we choose more North American attractions. Some people can even arrive by car. Then, a few come to some people. A place that is quite far away, but closer to our international partners.” I hope that the epidemic will not restrict everyone’s footsteps and travel to an infinite world under limited conditions.

Palau is a world-famous ocean paradise island and was listed as a world cultural heritage in 2012. The location is located at 7 degrees north latitude of the equator, with a population of about 18,000. There are about 340 islands in the country, which belong to the western chain of the Central Caroline Islands in the Micronesia Islands, with a total area of 459 square kilometers. (via Palau Blue YouTube channel)

Just travel during the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some things have to be paid attention to. First of all, experts reminded that at least two doses of vaccine should be injected. Dr. Leana Wen, an emergency physician and professor of health policy and management at the George Washington University Milken Public College, said: “Vaccination is the most important safety factor because unvaccinated travelers are more likely to get sick and spread Covid-19 to others.”

Next, wear a mask. Dr. Wen believes that the travel risks during the epidemic are closely related to our destination or what we do. Especially if you visit a crowded room or eat in a lively restaurant, it will increase the risk of infection. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should wear a mask during travel. She said: “Wearing a mask can make travel safer, especially in crowded indoor environments or with people whose vaccination status is unknown. Not just adults. Young children also need to wear masks.”

Both adults and children should wear masks when traveling. (Photo via unsplash.com)

Finally, be patient and be prepared for the expected large crowds. Cincinnati Prestige Travel Leaders President and travel consultant Dave Hershberger said that even if the holidays have not yet come, flight delays, cancellations, and staffing challenges are all predictable.

If you have not been vaccinated yet, are unwilling to wear a mask, or are a very impatient person, delaying your travel plan may also be a good choice to avoid the interference and threat of new coronary pneumonia during your trip.

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