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WPR2 and Aretomys Made Breakthroughs in Facebook and Instagram, “TA Decision Maker 2020” Expands Ads Effect

by Irma Katherine

The latest TA software program provides advanced solutions for social media and a strong KPI achievement rate for new social media advertising.

Jacksonville, FL (Merxwire) – Accurate target audience promotes KPI achievement rate. WPR2, a leader in press releases and social media traffic, and Aretomys, its studio, launched the TA Decision Maker 2020 program, which is designed to support marketing activities for customers worldwide. The core of its implementation is the online service work of a group of news media and social advertising experts, and the TA Decision Maker application expands the coverage of press releases or news coverage. The program will provide complete resources for all types of organizations to help them improve and develop new advertising campaigns. 

The project will include industry experts including the WPR2 Group, who will discuss topics such as product sales, customer preferences, and sales channels. The application is an aided decision-making tool that can be used to integrate visitor behavior, marketing data, content analysis of news reports, consumer habits, and traffic tracking programs. The purpose of this group is to build connections and dialogue between industry professionals and consumers, and to serve as a secondary medium for online promotion.

Public relations and media relations are essential to keep business running for modern markets. They don’t always get the right application, but they manage the continuously improving aspects of marketing while managing their business and products. WPR2’s public relations manager said: “This is a true art of marketing that takes time and scientific calculations.”

The industry segment of customized news marketing is expected to achieve the fastest growth in the forecast period. Compared to traditional newspapers, TV and radio news, consumers prefer to read real-time online news and multimedia content. The use of online news, online press releases and Facebook ads has a significant impact on promotion effectiveness and consumer reach.

About WPR2

WPR2 is leading the digital transformation of news releases, social media advertising, website traffic and online word of mouth. WPR2 is dedicated to providing solutions to the business marketing challenges of today’s largest U.S., Chinese, and Indian markets.
We provide integrated efficiency solutions that combine press release writing, publishing, social media advertising, and high-quality traffic. In our global ecosystem, we work with the largest partners on the media platform, aggregators and journalists to provide real-time exposure efficiency. We believe that great people and partners will make WPR2 Group a great company, and our commitment to innovation, diversity and sustainability ensures that life is everywhere, no matter when and where.

About Aretomys

Aretomys specializes in providing outstanding text writing service experience to corporate clients with language-based leadership, superior brand planning and extraordinary value. Aretomys is part of the WPR2 Group and sells and services worldwide through 8 brands and 30 offices, including European offices in Paris, France.

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: WPR2
Contact Person: Grace Watson
E-mail: care@pwr2.com
Country: United States
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wpr2com

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