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YSCooks Provides Healthy Dining Education and Challenge Rewards for Children

by Audrey Hazel

YSCooks works with nutrition experts to promote nutrition education in the local community, guide children to make healthier eating choices, and provide competitions and rewards to encourage children to participate in related activities.

New York, NY (Merxwire) – Are you worried about your child ’s dining options? YSCooks, a platform dedicated to educating students to make healthier dining choices. It is working with nutrition experts to create opportunities for parents, and to provide competitions and rewards to attract students to make healthy dining choices.

Health is very important. YSCooks educates students on the importance of healthy food and attracts students to learn in a fun and interactive way. Different food types have different health benefits. Let’s interact with children this summer! Learn how to make nutritious dishes and share them with your family.

The platform which has a social media element to it, create opportunities for peer support while students learn and share their food pictures or video with their peers. Through its 14-day challenge cycle, YScooks engages students and rewards them for making efforts to improve how they eat. YScooks has partnered with different libraries to reach students in their communities and continues to expand their reach.

According to Brenda Burgess PhD, a food scientist and one of the educators on YScooks “Choosing foods that are more nourishing than others can be challenging on multiple fronts, as many are rarely educated in healthy eating and surrounded by friends and family making poor dietary decisions. Promoting nutritional literacy at a young age not only helps combat this, but it also serves as a contagious antidote to all exposed. Simply put, when children understand why they’re victorious when consuming vegetables, they’ll motivate their peers to do the same – and that sort of pressure is never a bad thing.”

“I’ve never seen my kids so engaged! They love being part of the YSCooks,” said Norma Brown whose kids are part of the YSCooks Pilot. “Immediately after breakfast, they start looking for a nutritious meal for lunch. They really enjoy posting pictures and sharing their thoughts on what others are sharing. I’m sure the prospect of winning a prize helped motivate them as well,” she added

“According to CDC 13.7 million children and you struggle with obesity in America. This issue has been on an upward trajectory for the past several years. We can change the trajectory by educating students on the importance of food to health. When children are motivated to change, they encourage their peers and family as well. We hope to encourage positive behavioral change through YScooks” Julia Olayanju PhD Executive Director, Global Food Health Institute and  YScooks team lead.

More information please visit: https://yscooks.com/


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