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More Sports Make the Brain Healthier, Research Finds

by Sheila Nelly

Regular exercise provides positive help for brain health and concentration. In the premise of avoiding brain injury, athletes respond faster to brains than non-athletes.

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Evanston, Illinois (Merxwire) – Researchers at Northwestern University in Illinois examined the brain health of about 1,000 athletes (493 male and 495 female students) and found that physical activity can improve brain health. Through sports, athletes respond to sound than non-athletes. The study is published in the scientific journal “Sports Health”.

Researchers say that as long as athletes can avoid head injuries, their brains may be healthier than non-athlete brains. This condition can be found in many sports, including contact sports such as football, soccer and hockey.

The author of this study, Dr Kraus of Northwestern University said:“No one would argue against the fact that sports lead to better physically fitness, but we don’t always think of brain fitness and sports.”

“We’re saying that playing sports can tune the brain to better understand one’s sensory environment.” Dr Kraus said: “Think of background electrical noise in the brain like static on the radio.”

“There are two ways to hear the DJ better: minimize the static or boost the DJ’s voice. We found that athlete brains minimize the background “static” to hear the “DJ” better.”

“They all hear the ‘DJ’ better but the musicians hear the ‘DJ’ better because they turn up the ‘DJ,’ whereas athletes can hear the ‘DJ’ better because they can tamp down the ‘static,’” Kraus concludes.

The positive effects of exercise on the brain can also be seen in other studies, including the ability to stimulate the production of growth factors, promote cell health and new blood vessel growth, and provide organs with more oxygen.

Exercise can also help people sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, all of which have shown positive effects on mental and mental health.

If you are trying to start learning a sport and you don’t know what sport is most popular. Below is a list of the top three popular sports in the world, you can refer to them.

1. Football

This is the most important and most popular sport in the world. The highest level matches are the UEFA Champions League and the World Cup. Five of the world ’s 11 major sports leagues are football. In 80% of the world, football ranks first.

2. Basketball

Under the commercial promotion of the United States, the NBA has become a worldwide sporting event. This sport focuses on physical fitness. It is the most popular sport in North America and some Asian countries, but Europe and South America still love football.

3. Tennis

In Europe, tennis is the second most popular sport after football. The highest level of competition is the Grand Slam. The Grand Slam tournaments held each year in Melbourne, Paris, Wimbledon and New York attract global love Tennis player’s gaze. Tennis is the most popular women’s sport in the world.


Do you want your brain to become more focused and healthier? According to this study, regular exercise will give you more responsiveness and concentration than non-athletes.

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