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WebSatchel Brings Page Saving Service to Mobile Devices

by Audrey Hazel

Since most mobile browsers don’t support extensions, WebSatchel found a way to bring page saving services to mobile devices, giving users better functionality.

Columbia, MD (Merxwire) – WebSatchel is a popular browser extension that allows users to save a copy of any web page on the Internet to the cloud and then search on WebSatchel.com. WebSatchel recently announced that they have made a breakthrough in mobile preservation.

WebSatchel is like a personal knowledge base, allowing users to save information about web pages that they deem important and maintain access to it at all times. Many people already tend to do most of their browsing on mobile phones, so WebSatchel has been struggling to find ways to bring WebSatchel to mobile devices.

“We want to give people a way to keep the information they find when they browse the Internet. That’s what WebSatchel means,” said Igor Kuzmin, co-founder and chief marketing expert of WebSatchel.

The struggle lies in the fact that most mobile browsers don’t support extensions. WebSatchel had to figure out a way to allow people to save pages short of creating their own browser. “Creating our own app, which would basically consist of being a browser with the WebSatchel save page functionality built-in is not a realistic option”, said Kuzmin. “We can’t expect our users to switch from using their preferred browser to ours simply so that they can start saving pages. While some people might be on board it doesn’t seem like a worthwhile investment on our part since creating a browser was never the point.”

Thus, instead of spending time creating a browser and competing against established giants like Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, the WebSatchel team did the next best thing: Got it working on the android mobile version of Firefox. Android users can now install WebSatchel directly onto their phone if they have the Firefox browser installed and save any page they are browsing by clicking on the 3 dots at the top right corner of the screen and selecting WebSatchel at the very bottom of the menu.

Kuzmin did say that this was just a preliminary step to bringing the WebSatchel page saving service to mobile. “We aren’t stopping here. We have recently thought of a new approach to take which should solve the problem once and for all. We will make an announcement as soon as we are ready.”

More information please visit: https://websatchel.com/

SOURCE WebSatchel

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Company Name: WebSatchel
Email: support@websatchel.com
Country: United States of America
Website: https://websatchel.com/

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