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Great Place For A Date! Go to Taiwan IKEA Enjoy Breakfast and Shopping

by Irma Katherine

Most people eat breakfast at home; you now have a new choice! Go to Taiwan IKEA to enjoy breakfast dates and shopping schedules, and feel the happy family atmosphere.

Food display at IKEA restaurant. (Photo via Merxwire)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Many people think that IKEA is only visited when buying furniture or decorating a house, but in fact, there are restaurants and different kinds of goods here. You can come here to enjoy a meal without buying furniture and experience another kind of “home feeling.” Especially for breakfast at IKEA, you can taste the dishes at ease and comfort: ham, hash browns, and scrambled eggs are the most classic. You don’t need to make your own meals, and you can feel the happy atmosphere as if you have the taste of home.

When you visit IKEA, you will find that there are couples, lovers, friends, and classmates. This is a good place for couples to buy furniture together and a good place for dating, where they can imagine their future home. IKEA has furniture such as beds, sofas, bookcases, as well as pillows, dolls, tableware, or some cute and practical items. There are products for adults, children, and even pet products! Therefore, it is also very suitable for friends and classmates to visit together.

IKEA is different from other stores in that they encourage customers to try products. In IKEA, you can experience different beds, sofas, tables, chairs, and beddings. Through personal experience, you can choose the most suitable products. Each product will be introduced with materials, designers, origin, etc. If you need someone to explain, they will also provide professional instructions.

In stores, customers are often seen confirming the size of furniture so that the furniture can be placed in a designated area of ​​the home. Some furniture needs to be assembled by yourself. These products have an assembly guide attached, and some products are equipped with assembly tools so that you can assemble them at home. If you want someone to help assemble the furniture, you can also ask IKEA for assistance.

Christmas is approaching, and some people will come to IKEA to find Christmas gifts, scented candles, table lamps, Christmas trees, and garlands… all kinds of goods make the store full of festive atmosphere. Usually, before you arrive at the cashier, you will see special offers, and you can consider taking them home. After shopping, don’t forget to enjoy meatball, spaghetti or steak at the IKEA restaurant. These are popular meals in the store.

Customers are choosing cabinet products. (Photo via Merxwire)

Taiwan IKEA Information

● Xindiandian
4th Floor, No. 159, Zhongyang Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City

●  Dunbei shop
B1, No. 100, Dunhua North Road, Songshan District, Taipei City

●  Xinzhuang Store
No. 1, Zhongzheng Road, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City

● Taoyuan Store
No. 1, Section 1, East Road, Station Front, Qingpu Li, Zhongli District, Taoyuan City

● Taichung Store
No. 168, Section 2, Shangxiang Road, Nantun District, Taichung City

● Kaohsiung Store
No. 1201, Zhonghua 5th Road, Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City

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