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Exciting Online Seminars – Get Bright Brain Education Festival

by Audrey Hazel

Get Bright Brain Education Festival – Five unique courses are arranged every day from September 11, 2020 (Friday) to September 13, 2020 (Sunday). 15 webinars hosted by 15 Mindfulness Experts cost only $389.

Mesa, AZ (Merxwire) – Body & Brain held an online Get Bright Brain Education Festival. In the seminar, people will be given the power of positive thinking through the course, experience the energy of self-repair, and through mindfulness and meditation, the body and mind will be fully healthy. Welcome to register online for the three-day webinar. You can get professional content from 15 Brain Education mindfulness coaching experts.

The Festival will be held from September 11, 2020 (Friday) to September 13, 2020 (Sunday). Five unique courses are arranged every day, all activities are open to the public 15 sessions led by national mindfulness experts. You can now register online at https://BEFestival2020.bodynbrain.com Those who register will receive login information before the festival and can participate in any number of courses every day. You can also access the recorded video of the meeting within 30 days after the end of the live event.

Preview of events: Body & Brain coaching combines traditional and modern integrative health practices to help practitioners enhance their physical, mental and energetic wellness. Participants will be able to experience energy self-healing, breathing, mindfulness and meditation training during the Festival. Featured sessions include:

Day 1, September 11
1. Brian Korbelik, Finding Peace & Clarity During Change
2. Dawn Quaresima, Opening Your Heart Chakra: Finding Your True Self
3. Byukwoon, Utilizing the Tao for Your Best Life
4. ChungSuk, Dahn Gong: the Energy Martial Art
5. KeumDao, Unlock Happiness within Your Brain

Day 2, September 12
1. Alejandro Rivas, Finding Your Center: Living with Power
2. Danielle Gaudette, Emotional Healing Techniques
3. Ilchibuko Todd, Awakening Your 7 Chakras, the Center of Your Energy
4. JoonMin Yoo, DahnMuDo, the Martial Art of Enlightenment
5. Oceana, Understanding with Intelligence vs. Awareness

Day 3, September 13
1. Michelle Moon, Connect: How to Make Deep, Authentic Connections with Yourself
2. Sunghan Jang, Natural Self-Healing with Meridian Stretching
3. Chunghae, From Mind to Matter: Energy Creates Your Life
4. Jungshim, Energy Self-Healing: the Art of True Health
5. Minjae Kim, WoonKi Breathing: Optimal Health through Energy Breathing

Space is limited – Registrations for the Get Bright Brain Education Festival will be accepted through 5pm on September 10th, on a space-available basis. Please contact us for further information.

More information please visit: https://www.bodynbrain.com/

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