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Angelo Koo Continues Charity Work for Students

by Wisdom Frida

Taiwanese entrepreneur Angelo Koo has been dedicating his philanthropic efforts to the welfare of children and teenagers in Taiwan despite the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CDF Foundation Chairman Angel Koo

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – The CDF Foundation, a charity chaired by Koo, recently began accepting applications for its 2020 scholarship program for vocational high school students. The CDF Foundation established the scholarship in 2017 to support underprivileged vocational high school students with potentials and has helped more than 300 students over the years.

A student surnamed Guo from the National Da-Hu Agricultural and Industrial Vocational High School participates at the Central Taiwan division match in the 2020 National Skills Competition. Kuo, supported by the CDF Foundation’s scholarship for vocational high school students, won silver in a division match. (Photo via CDF Foundation)


The CDF Foundation said that it continues to proceed with its education charity programs despite the disruptions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. The foundation pointed out that the vocational school student scholarship and the “Dumbo Project,” which supports junior high and elementary school students with artistic potentials, have provided long-term assistance for the development of children who lack resources. The foundation’s goal is to help underprivileged students with special advantages and potentials so that they can realize their dreams, the foundation said.

“I deeply believe that education is the most valuable form of investment,” CDF Foundation Chairman Angel Koo said. Many disadvantaged children in Taiwan have to work harder than ordinary people. Many of them have very strong potentials, but they often lose at the starting point because of insufficient resources, he said. Koo believes that only education and knowledge can help these children escape poverty.

The foundation also recently sponsored a summer camp organized by the National Taichung Theater for vocational high school students in performing arts classes or high school student interested in art management or performing arts. Joyce Chiou, artistic director of the National Taichung Theater, thanked the CDF Foundation for sponsoring the summer camp since its foundation in 2019.

“The goal of the foundation in recent years is to continue taking care of disadvantaged students, cultivating their competitiveness and helping them become the backbone of the society,” Angelo Koo said.

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