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Sustainably Fighting COVID-19: MINIWIZ Disrupts the Healthcare Industry by Bringing Innovation, Upcycling Technology and Modular Design to Hospitals

by Wisdom Frida

Opportunity to disrupt how global hospitals rethink design, materials and structure.

(Photo credit by Taiwan Design Research Institute, TDRI)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – MINIWIZ, a global leader in design, upcycling and materials company, today announced that it had entered into a partnership with the Center For Innovation (“CFI”) at Fu Jen Catholic University (“FJCU”) Hospital, Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Taiwan Design Research Institute(“TDRI”) to launch the first modular ward concept. Introduced as Modular Adaptable Convertible (MAC), the system is designed and engineered to quickly transform buildings and underutilized space into various types of wards (ICU, general, isolation), adapting to market demand. Under this partnership, MINIWIZ is responsible for design, upcycled “hospital grade” materials, and project management. The goal is to create a sustainable, yet mobile system that addresses the future challenges of the healthcare industry. Unique features include:

1. State-of-the-art design: harnessing MINIWIZ’s 15-year experience in modular design, the company created a building kit, which includes a collection of interlocking parts. With fast deployment in mind, the kit is highly mobile, and designed for air shipping, allowing the structure to be assembled within 24 hours, from component sourcing to functional wards. Additionally, the wards can easily be converted/configured into various wards. Lastly, it can exist outside of buildings, and designed for plug-and-play.

(Photo credit by MINIWIZ)


2. COVID-19 ready: The recent pandemic has heightened this importance more than ever. The negatively pressurized clean rooms are designed specifically to allow hospitals to control the risk of particle contamination. MINIWIZ’s signature PET wall panels, nano coated with recycled aluminum, coupled with UV self-cleaning system, drastically reduces 99.9% of bacteria count, while repelling viruses.

(Photo credit by MINIWIZ)


3. Eco-friendly material and AI smart system: beyond concept delivery, MINIWIZ will maximize the use of post-consumer single-use material including aluminum cans and PET bottles. These materials will then be upcycled into medical grade antiviral/bacterial materials. Additionally, the ward has AI monitoring capabilities for medical staff, in the event patients need medical attention.

(Photo credit by Taiwan Design Research Institute, TDRI)


(Photo credit by Taiwan Design Research Institute, TDRI)


“Since closing our oversubscribed Series A round, led by WI Harper Group/Alibaba Entrepreneur Fund, early this year, we have made huge strides operationally and with our customers,” said MINIWIZ’s Co-founder & CEO, Arthur Huang. “We are honored to work with FJCU Hospital and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, to showcase this disruptive model.”

“When we first met MINIWIZ’s team, we were drawn by the confidence, passion and vision of MINIWIZ in helping us transform something that’s never been done to reality, said Dr. Han-Sun Chiang, President at Fu Jen Catholic University. “Two months later, MINIWIZ successfully delivered a fully-functional model. We are very proud to partner with them.”

Using similar technology and design, MINIWIZ expects to be in restaurants, hotels and hands of consumers later this year.



Founded and headquartered in Taiwan with offices in Milan, Singapore, Beijing and Shanghai, MINIWIZ captures the value of single-use plastic, metal, glass, by transforming industrial and household wastes into sustainable building materials, building modules, specialty fabrics, designer furniture and interior fixtures. After 15 years of intense research and development, MINIWIZ is offering its value proposition to the market and accelerating its customer base. Innovation and creative engineering never stop at MINIWIZ; new applications are being discovered. The company is making a meaningful difference in many areas particularly in long-life-cycle building and interior fixtures.

MINIWIZ’s selected customers include Dominique Crenn (Salesforce Tower), Nike, Phillip Morris, McDonalds, Jackie Chan, LVMH, Prada and Zegna. For more info, please visit us at www.miniwiz.com.


About FJCUH Center for Innovation:

FJUH CFI is an unique design-driven, patient-experience innovation center in Taipei, Taiwan.



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