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Perfume Make Mothers More Fashionable. Major Beauty Brands such as Dior and Jo Malone Promote Spring Floral Fragrances

by Amélie Poulain

Got yourself a new fragrance this spring? Take advantage of the blooming spring flowers and Mother’s Day sale, replace the quiet woody scent of winter and sprinkle bright floral scents for mom and yourself. Just enough to change the mood, replenish vitality, and welcome spring and summer life with flowers and sunshine.

Perfume is the most beautiful and stylish gift. (Photo via unsplash.com)

Taipei, TAIWAN (Merxwire) – One of the most important festivals of the year, Mother’s Day is coming soon. Have you prepared a gift for your mother or yourself? Major department stores and shopping malls have entered the early summer shopping festival, reminding women and mothers not to forget to pamper themselves and make themselves beautiful. In recent years, “fragrance products” have become a new favorite for gift-giving. The exquisiteness and ingenuity of packaging design are in the heart of women, and with various colorful fragrances, people can’t put it down and become another accessory besides clothing. Fragrance brands such as Estee Lauder, JO MALONE LONDON, Dior, etc. are all focusing on the aroma of cherry blossoms and white flowers this spring. The green and romantic floral fragrance in the aroma makes people feel as if they are in the field of spring flowers blooming, and the fragrance is fragrant.

Among the many fragrance products, the fragrance that has the longest lasting fragrance, the most textured gift, and at the same time can highlight the charm of women is none other than perfume. Fashion guru Coco Chanel most often quotes French poet Paul Valery’s classic quote “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future.” to emphasize the importance of scent and what it means to women. What does it mean to choose a bottle of perfume with an elegant or attractive aroma as a gift for your mother? The most basic way to choose a perfume is to choose according to the personality of that person. Choosing the right perfume can let your mother show herself. For cheerful moms, you can choose citrus fragrances; moms who love freedom and travel can choose ocean-based fragrances; calm moms can choose fragrances with woody fragrances; confident and enthusiastic moms can choose different fragrances types of floral or slightly spicy fragrances.

The second element of choosing a perfume is to give the others the required aroma energy. Perfume experts mention that fruity notes could revitalize people. The rich floral notes can exude gentleness. Aldehydic aromas with sweet vanilla and floral-fruity notes lift the mood. To add romance and appeal you could choose an oriental floral note. The quiet wood tone and citrus moss tone can express calm and elegance. Ocean or green notes give people a fresh and comfortable feeling. Mixed notes with animal notes and spice add character. The external feelings presented by different fragrances are different. Using the fragrance to create an impression on others is also the principle for many perfume lovers to choose their fragrances.

Some people spray perfume to add appeal and romance. The use of incense at the right time can indeed lead to interpersonal interaction, and it can also cast sexy magic. The most attractive fragrances recommended by perfumers are white flowers, warm sweets, and musk. A little oriental mystery or spice is also a good choice. The smearing position is mainly on the neck and behind the ears, where the temperature is higher, so that the fragrance is easier to dissipate, and it is also an important and attractive place for close contact.

Perfume can highlight personality, present different aroma impressions, and also add moving appeal. (Photo via unsplash.com)

Taking advantage of the spring flowers and the upcoming festival, replace the quiet woody fragrance of winter, sprinkle bright floral fragrance for mother and myself, change the mood, replenish vitality, and welcome spring and summer life with flowers and sunshine. “Luxury Fragrance Collection” of Estee Lauder launches 8 top-level haute couture fragrances specially blended by well-known perfumers. “Tender Light” has a small fragrance of bergamot, an elegant and timeless Florentine iris fragrance, and delicate oriental tea. Fragrant exudes the inspiring joy of the birth of the sun. The marine floral fragrance of “Dream Dusk” is the sweet fragrance of the beautiful cherry blossom petals flying in the spring garden, blending the freshness of black currant leaves and the richness of geranium; “Radiant Mirage” combines the elegance of white jasmine with thick patchouli and warm Australian sandalwood, jumps into a brave fantasy journey.

A new Blossoms Collection of Jo Malone London takes you into the Mediterranean Garden in Sardinia Italy where you can enjoy the blue sky and sunshine of the Mediterranean Sea, and immerse yourself in the soft romance of sunset light and shadow scattered on the golden beach. The packaging design is inspired by the local white buildings. The perfume bottle is clear and transparent, with a marbled pebble bottle cap representing the comfortable feeling of stepping on the sand while on vacation. The whole series contains three fragrances. “Sea Daffodil Cologne” is based on the daffodils on the dunes along the Mediterranean coast, blending the fragrant and sweet natural vanilla and the sunny floral fragrance of ylang-ylang, presenting the cotton-soft floral fragrance when the sun shines. “Bitter Mandarin Cologne” focuses on the local citrus aroma, covering the warm amber fragrance belonging to the night, embellished with green leaves and precious orris root flowers, full of summer party style. “Silk Blossom Cologne” is a surprise return, widely favorite charming floral aroma, with fresh apricot peach and white pepper slightly spicy aroma, under the background of tree moss, the aroma is more deep and layered. A full range to immerse yourself in island getaways and fun party times.

“Jasmin Des Anges” of DIOR is a fragrant floral note, combining candied apricot peach fragrance with delicate jasmine fragrance, exuding a sweet, sexy and seductive compound floral and fruity fragrance, just like walking in the flower fields of Grasse, the air is full of Intense aroma of flowers and wines. “Gardénia” of Chanel is a green and white floral fragrance. The top notes are sweet orange blossom and green leaves, the main notes are romantic and attractive jasmine and gardenia, and the bottom rhyme is warm and sweet with sandalwood, vanilla, and coconut. It exudes a sweet and floral fragrance.

The flowery fragrance with a little greenery is the main fragrance of major perfume brands in spring. (Photo via pexels.com)

The perfume has indescribable magic, choose a fragrance for yourself, and the fragrance you choose will reveal many spiritual clues, which may be your state of mind, age, or your life course. As a thoughtful gift, it was chosen by you for the others, but sometimes it also shows the impression that you want to leave. The same fragrance mixed with each person’s body fragrance and temperature will also interpret different fragrance levels, which will always be unique. Some people regard perfume as an accessory for different occasions, expressing different temperaments, while women say that it is the last cosmetic item to add beauty.

After you know how to choose a perfume, you must use the right method to maximize the effect of the perfume and leave a deep impression. Before spraying perfume, apply a little lotion on the application area in advance to keep the fragrance intact. Choosing the right part of your skin can enhance the effect of fragrant dispersion and play the role of perfume perfectly. The popular method of rubbing perfume is to smear on the wrist and the inside of the elbow. When spraying on the wrist, remember not to rub the two wrists with each other, to avoid damaging the fragrance level and the fragrance retention time. The temperature of the elbow is stable and the fragrance is long-lasting. The sexy way of rubbing perfume is to spray it behind the ears, neck, or chest. The aroma behind the ears has a sense of mystery, and it is not easy to be exposed to the sun, and the fragrance is long-lasting. The neck is mainly sprayed on the front and back, avoid spraying on the two sides where the aroma is more volatile, and the back of the neck is the place where the sexiest charm can be distributed. The social etiquette is to spray on the upper clothes of the collarbone, the inner thighs, and the back of the knees, allowing the fragrance to spread naturally between gestures. The most even and natural way to apply fragrance is to spray the perfume in the air and let it naturally spread all over the body, like a perfume rain, and the whole body emits a soft and elegant fragrance.

In addition to spraying perfume on your body, you can also spray your favorite fragrance in the wardrobe, stain it on the clothes, and scatter the natural fragrance. When storing perfume, remember to pay attention to the storage place, including temperature and humidity, and be sure to close the bottle cap after use to prevent accidentally depleting the attractive fragrance of the perfume. Taking advantage of the discounts during the early summer shopping festival and Mother’s Day, choose a bottle of sweet and elegant floral fragrance for your mother and yourself, learn to pamper yourself, and make mommy a little more fashionable. Perfume is like the clothes in the closet, there is always one less thing.

There is always indescribable magic in the aroma, which can explore oneself and express different temperaments. (Photo via pixabay.com)

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