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Is Now a Good Time to Buy Travel Tickets?

by Julie Howard

As countries update their border control policies and the country gates closed for two years due to the new crown pneumonia are about to be unblocked, everyone’s expectations for traveling abroad are rising, but is now an excellent time to buy air tickets?

The Japanese government has eased border controls since the 1st, allowing foreign business-related people and other non-tourist purposes to enter Japan. (Photo via Pixabay.com)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – With the UK announcing that the quarantine policy will be lifted from March 1, many European countries will no longer restrict people wearing masks on the streets. Since March, Japan has loosened its border control policy, and the entry quarantine for foreigners has been shortened to three days. Many people believe that lifting the blockade is possible, and they have asked whether they should purchase overseas travel tickets in advance?

Home isolation and travel bans began in the UK in March 2020. After a 2-year absence, the ban was finally lifted on March 1 this year. People do not need to wear masks indoors or in confined spaces such as transportation. Even if they are diagnosed with positive, You can choose not to isolate them at home and start implementing the coexistence plan with the new coronavirus. Japan, the preferred travel destination for Taiwanese people, also announced new border epidemic prevention measures. Foreign business travelers, students, and other related persons who have received three doses of Japan-approved vaccines can be exempted from home quarantine when entering Japan.

Many people have begun to travel abroad, and Japan is currently the most inquired. (Photo via Pixabay.com)

Faced with the new anti-epidemic policies of various countries around the world, many people smelled the breath of unblocking and asked whether now is a good time to buy air tickets? According to the sharing of Facebook users, it is about 40% cheaper to buy air tickets from Taiwan to Japan around next year’s lunar calendar. but there are too many uncontrollable factors, and it is necessary to understand the ticket purchase regulations and the situation of the airline industry in detail, such as the fee for refunding or changing the travel time due to the poor epidemic situation The company’s operating status, all will affect the spending and mood when traveling. For consumers, the risk of buying tickets now is relatively high, and they must be carefully evaluated.

Some netizens found cheap air tickets to Japan during the lunar calendar next year. (Photo via cathaypacific.com)

In addition, many travel agency websites have listed the information of Japanese tour groups. But, the group fee is much higher than before, making many netizens exclaimed that it is calculated in Japanese yen? If you want to travel abroad, you must first check whether your purse is deep enough. In this regard, the travel industry also said that the price is mainly reflected in the increase in the cost of air tickets. Under the regulation of epidemic prevention measures, airlines must reduce passenger capacity. To avoid losses, the fares are bound to increase. However, consumers do not need to be too pessimistic. When the epidemic situation stabilizes, and the demand for tourism to Japan is significant, the price will be adjusted to the past level in a rolling manner.

After the epidemic has eased, countries have gradually opened border controls. People who want to travel abroad should consider the price and need to go home for ten days of quarantine and seven days of self-health management when they return to Taiwan. It is still not easy to go abroad at this stage.

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