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Charity Foundation Led by Angelo Koo Launches Online Art Courses for WFH Parents and Kids

by Irma Katherine
A child tries her hand when participating in an online course launched by the CDF Foundation. (Courtesy of CDF Foundation)

Taipei Taiwan (Merxwire) – The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way people, especially during the summer vacation, as many parents had to care for children while working at home. The CDF Foundation recently to launched online courses for working from home (WFH) parents and their kids featuring the popular Zentangle drawings.

The rise of working from home (WFH) prompted by the pandemic did not only affect the way people work, but also redefined the day-to-day operations. Organizing similar courses for WFH parents and kids helped improve their daily lives. The courses also turned the spotlight on artists cultivated by CDF Foundation, letting them shine while fostering sustainable development.

Angelo Koo, Chairman of CDIB Capital Group who also leads the Foundation, deeply believes that “education is the most valuable investment” and that only education and knowledge can help children with insufficient resources to escape poverty. Since taking over as the chairman in 2006, he has used the foundation as a platform to promote various scholarships and charity programs.

Shan-Yan Kang, a recipient of the CDF Foundation’s scholarship for skilled vocational high school students, served as teacher for the course, demonstrating all different strokes and patterns to the attending parents and their kids on the other side of the screen. Even those with zero artistic background were able to master the basics and create their own tangles. As a university student, Kang was filled with a sense of achievement, as it was her first experience attempting to teach from home and share her skills with people all over Taiwan.

Shan-Yan Kang was only recently admitted to the Department of Fine Arts, National Kaohsiung Normal University. Already a recipient of countless accolades, Kang displayed talent and passion for the visual arts from a young age.

In order to polish her teaching skills, the Foundation put her in charge of a series of creative courses for WFH parents and their kids. Not only did this enable kids to learn new drawing skills while having fun, but it helped adults relieve stress from the pandemic. The CDF Foundation said that even though it is challenging to hold physical courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it will continue providing various learning opportunities for scholarship recipients through online platforms.

The Foundation has also successively organized woodworking and dance online courses, among others, during the pandemic this year. The Foundation plans to continue organizing similar online courses even after the pandemic in order to maximize its corporate social responsibility efforts while fulfilling its goal of talent cultivation.

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