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A New Choice for the Break Free from Plastic Movement! VIIDA UiU Straw Won the Honor of Good Design and Red Dot Design

by Wisdom Frida

VIIDA Morgen UiU collapsible straw has raised US$500,000 in crowdfunding platform “Zeczec”, with its original technology won the Good Design Award of Japan in 2020 and Red Dot Design Award of Germany in 2021. UiU is given with the features as being light, easy to carry, and convenient to be briefly stored in 3 seconds, making it a trendy product for plastic reduction.

VIIDA UiU straw won the honor of Good Design and Red Dot Design. (Photo via VIIDA)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – “Morgen UiU collapsible straw” brings a new choice of convenient plastic reduction for the beverage family! UiU is made of medical-grade platinum silicone and 316L stainless steel. This patented technology creates UiU with both environmental protection concepts and aesthetics. It is lightweight, convenient, fast to use, and capable of high-temperature sterilization. It can be taken with you in your pocket, completely changing the public’s stereotype that environmentally friendly products are inconvenient to carry.

Single-use plastic products have posed a crisis to the ecology, and the waste seriously pollutes the sea. According to reports, it is estimated that about 8.5 billion straws are found scattered on beaches of the world. The type of plastic products may be inserted into the nostrils of sea turtles, jam the beaks of seabirds, and be eaten by fish, thereby posing a severe threat to the ecology.

In recent years, campaigns of plastic reduction are promoted globally, and various environmentally-friendly straws are popular in the market. As indicated by surveys of environmental-friendly straws for users, most of the hard straws on the market are made of glass or stainless steel, which are difficult to carry and given with safety issues. Of silicone straws we see often, they are prone to be stained with dust and hair, and not easy to poke through the film. As for UiU, it has made of 316L stainless steel for its end-hole, in combination with transparent silicone, so that any dirt at the pipe wall is clearly seen and easy to clean. Given with its heat-resistant silica, there won’t be any concern about releasing chemical poisons even if with high temperature disinfection. as pointed out by a backer from the crowdfunding platform – “There is no need to re-adapt, and I can use the UiU environmental-friendly and portable straw in the most intuitive and easy way. Besides, its composite material design has almost made up for the risk and inconvenience with those commercially available products.”

Features of UiU collapsible straw

  • 8cm mini outer-case: Simple and fashionable aesthetics.
  • Only 35 grams: Light and easy to carry.
  • Platinum and silicone material: Stain resistant and easy to clean.
  • Stainless steel end-hole: One poke through the film for drinking, with no other accessories required.
  • Fast storage: “Fold, TUCK and CLOSE” in 3 seconds.
  • With transparent pipe body: Dirt can be seen and it is easy to clean.
  • 2020 Good Design Award
  • 2021 Red Dot Design Award

As pinpointed by the VIIDA design team, “We have been working hard to solve the pain points in life, UiU has adopted the concept of composite material, one-piece design, so that morgen collapsible straw has a soft body but a hard end-hole.”

As the world responds to the movement of plastic reduction, the public is gradually reducing the use of single-use plastic products. Practicing plastic reduction and enjoying convenience is a test of human wisdom. Of UiU collapsible straw, it is available in two sizes that meet the needs of different beverages. With various design ingenuity, let the concept of the plastic reduction be integrated into life habits, increase product utilization, and achieve plastic reduction.


The origin of our name is an extension of the Spanish meaning for life. We emphasize on the importance of self-care and self-love in life’s ‘i’ aiming to bring a sense of mental and physical fulfillments to your lives.

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