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New Use Energy and Footprint Project launches Second-Life Solar Initiative to Bring Sustainable Energy with Solar Panels

by Ferre Keira

New Use Energy and Footprint Project collaborated again to put the reused solar panels into productive use. Its portable solar generator, SunKit, enables new solar cells or second-hand solar panels to operate.

TEMPE, AZ (Merxwire) – The Second-Life Solar Initiative is a win-win plan. This plan allows old solar panels to obtain the value of reuse. We hope to promote: New Batteries, Solar Solutions, Affordable Systems, Emergency Power, Portability, Reduced waste, Supporting Resilience, Repurposed Batteries.

“We’re excited about the win-win potential of this initiative,” said Will Heegaard, Executive Director of Footprint Project.  “Not only does it keep many used solar panels out of landfills,  it also furthers our mission by making solar energy more accessible and affordable for those who can afford it the least, which is central to our mission”.

“The Second Life Solar initiative was always part of the vision behind the development of the SunKit,” said Lee Feliciano, COO of New Use Energy.  “From day one, we designed the SunKit to work with just about any commercial solar panel out there – new or used – because of feedback we received from Footprint Project who is our strategic partner in this endeavor.”

The Second Life Solar Initiative (SLSI) is a program developed by Footprint Project and New Use Energy to put repurposed solar panels to productive use.  Under this program, Footprint supplies repurposed solar panels – which have been donated, or recovered from disaster affected areas – to NUE, which bundles these panels with its SunKits.  The repurposed solar panels are provided free of charge to select SunKit customers including NGOs, communities impacted by disasters and those considered candidates for Environmental Justice initiatives. The result is a low cost, field serviceable solar system which is mobile yet powerful enough to address the needs of Emergency Managers in a wide range of applications. Increasing the impact, NUE will make a donation to Footprint Project for every SunKit sold under the Second-Life Solar Initiative.

Footprint Project is a not-for-profit (501c3) organization whose mission is to provide cleaner energy for communities in crisis. They accomplish this by deploying mobile solar systems to support disaster relief and recovery operations, often in conjunction with other NGOs.  New Use Energy is an Arizona based company whose mission is to provide affordable clean energy for anyone, anywhere. NUE engineers and manufactures affordable solar+battery systems which replace traditional fossil fuel alternatives such as portable generators. NUE emphasizes mobility as well as field serviceability to maximize the usable life of our products.  Advantages of NUE’s products include SPEED of deployment, SIMPLICITY of the technology and SUSTAINABILITY of the solution.

More information please visit: https://www.newuseenergy.com/products/

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