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UK Research: Moderate Drinking Reduce Cataract Risk

by Irma Katherine

A British research found that people who drink 14 units of alcohol or less a week have a lower chance of developing cataracts than others and that drinking wine is more effective than beer or spirits.

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London, UK (Merxwire) – UK Biobank and Epic-Norfolk have conducted long-term research on human health. These research projects are large in scale and long-term, aiming to research human genetic and environmental factors, including nutrition, lifestyle, etc. They observe the impact of these factors on the development of diseases.

Alcohol & Cataract

Moorfields Eye Hospital and University College London worked together to research the medical conditions and lifestyles of 492,549 subjects through UK Biobank and Epic-Norfolk’s extensive data analysis. The research team found that the likelihood of drinkers needing to perform Cataract surgery is reduced by 14% to 23%, and the effect of red wine is better than other alcohols.

Symptoms Of Cataract

A cataract is a disease that causes vision loss due to the cloudy lens of the eye, which may harm one or both eyes. Symptoms include reduced colors, blurred vision, halos, inability to adapt to bright light, and visual disturbances in dark environments, etc. A Cataract may cause driving difficulties, dyslexia, and reduced recognition. Loss of vision also increases the risk of falls and depression.

Factors Causing Cataract

A cataract is a phenomenon of aging. With age, the protein in the lens gradually changes. For example, less water content will make the crystals turbid. In addition, eye injuries, Iritis, glaucoma, diabetes, or long-term use of steroid drugs may also cause Cataract. Some people have inherited Cataract, and it is not easy to develop vision in infancy.

Drink Moderately

In the research, moderate drinking can reduce the risk of Cataract. Does this mean that drinking more alcohol is good for eye health? Wrong! Too much alcohol (drinks for one day or more) is not good for eye health. According to research, among people who drink a lot of alcohol, the chance of Cataract begins to increase, so please drink moderately.

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