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Celebrate Lantern Festival! Merxwire Held Solve Lantern Riddles Event in Taipei Office

by Derrick Smith

The Lantern Festival has a long history in Chinese society all over the world. Merxwire leads the Taiwan team to experience solve lantern riddles and encourages employees to learn about the culture of each nation.

The traditional culture of the Lantern Festival includes enjoying lanterns. (Photo via Pixabay.com)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – In the Lantern Festival event, Merxwire business manager Alan proposed riddles, which were written on lanterns, waiting for employees to answer, and the company provided puzzle-solving rewards. Rewards include extra holidays, mini lanterns, travel tickets, etc. The person who speaks the correct answer first will be rewarded.

Business manager Alan said, “Merxwire customers come from all over the world. This is why we need to understand the culture of each place.” “Only by understanding each culture in depth can we understand customers and serve them. “

Throughout the event, Rafael from the editorial department answered many riddles. He received 3 days of extra vacation and a mini lantern. People in the entire office are happy for him.

Rafael said, “solve lantern riddles is very interesting, and it also allows colleagues to have more interaction. I am very happy that I can get these rewards. I decided to use the bonus holiday to take my family to Yangmingshan to enjoy the flowers.”

Alison of the administration department got a mini lantern at the event. Alison said, “I am from Ireland, so I rarely experience Chinese culture. This red lantern is small and cute, with Chinese words for blessings on it. This is one of the most special gifts I have ever received.”

Eating glutinous rice balls symbolizes perfect satisfaction. (Photo via Pixabay.com)

After the event, business manager Alan also explained to colleagues the origin of the Lantern Festival. The 15th day of the first lunar month of each year symbolizes the arrival of spring. The Chinese traditionally eat dumplings, enjoy lanterns, solve riddles, and release sky lanterns to express their blessings.

Although the Lantern Festival is a traditional Chinese culture, the customs of each country and region are different. In Taiwan, the government will ask designers to make lanterns of various shapes as art installations. Every family will eat glutinous rice balls with their relatives, symbolizing the perfect satisfaction.

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