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Learn About Your Animals Through Books and Save Fur Babies

by Sheila Nelly

Vicki Draper released the second book: Heart to Heart: How You Can Heal Your Animal Through All Stages of Life. Through this book, you can learn more about your animals and achieve better health for them.

Bothell, WA (Merxwire) – Many people love animals, but many people don’t understand animals. Vicki Draper published the book “Heart to Heart: How You Can Heal Your Animal Through All Stages of Life” so that you, as the guardian of animals, can use various tools to achieve deeper connections and better health.

Do animals understand what you say to them? If you are frustrated that animals do not listen to you, “Heart to Heart” can help you understand how to communicate with animals to establish better connections. It provides health rehabilitation programs to achieve health, as well as emergency support.

Testimonial from Editor, Jennifer, Denver, CO area,
“Well, everything happens at the perfect time. I ended up having to save a dog from choking this weekend. This book gave me the confidence that I could make that happen and everything turned out well.”

Creating Heart to Heart took Vicki on a spiritual journey of connecting with her heart and her passion for helping animals to a new level through all stages of their life, even through the death process.

A natural born animal communicator, Vicki’s qualifications as a healer for both people and animals include being a licensed massage therapist, a certified acupressurist and Reiki Master/Teacher, and training in craniosacral therapy.

No matter what stage of life your animal is in during your lives together, this book is a valuable resource that will benefit you both with optimum health and a happy and harmonious home.

Heart to Heart is available on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3pMwJcQ
In paperback and kindle formats.

Vicki is available for interviews.

More information please visit: http://www.HealingYourAnimal.com

SOURCE Healing Your Animal, Inc.

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: Healing Your Animal, Inc.
Contact Person: Vicki Draper
Email: info@HealingYourAnimal.com
Country: United States
Website: http://www.healingyouranimal.com/

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