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Studies Have Found that Fish Can Feel Pain

by Ernest Harry

According to the research from the University of Liverpool, fish have pain similar to humans and mammals. Researchers suggest that humans should change the way they fish and kill fish.

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Liverpool, UK (Merxwire) – In comparison, humans show a high degree of care for pets such as dogs and cats but a low degree of care for fish. In the past, most people believed that fish felt more sluggish than cows, pigs, and other animals. Some experts even believed that fish could not feel pain. However, according to a recent study by the University of Liverpool, fish have pain sensations similar to humans and mammals.

Researchers suggest that humans should change the way they treat fish. For example, they should avoid damaging the skin of fish when fishing, and they should also use a more humane way when killing fish.

This research was recently published in a special issue of Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B published by the Royal Society. The study found that when encountering other animals feel pain, they will make some reactions, and fish will also make similar avoidance or pain relief behaviors when they are in pain. When the experimenter gave the fish analgesics, the fish’s avoidance behavior would disappear, which suggests that the fish would feel pain as well. These experiments overturned the previous claim that “fish will not feel pain.”

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Dr Lynne Sneddon also explained the research. “When subject to a potentially painful event, fishes show adverse changes in behavior such as suspension of feeding and reduced activity, which are prevented when a pain-relieving drug is provided.”

“Fishing will cause pain and irritation to the fish’s lips. At this time, the fish will rub the mouth against the side of the water tank. This behavior is like the friction of a human toe to relieve the pain.” “If we accept the painful experience of the fish , Then this will have a major impact on how humans treat fish. Be careful when handling fish to avoid damaging their sensitive skin. You should be more humane when killing fish.”  

There has been controversy about whether fish will feel pain. Fish are different from humans. Fish have only a simple brain structure. But we can see the struggle of fish when they are killed, which also shows that fish may feel fear and pain just like humans. Fish may be smart, have unique personalities, and cherish their lives.

The way people treat fish is often painful for hours before they die. This is a cruel killing. After many fish were caught, humans put them in the ice. The fishes were still able to breathe because they would not die for several hours after leaving the water. In most meat slaughter processes, humans may kill fish in the cruelest way.

(Photo via Pixabay.com)

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