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Friendly and Diverse Culture, Respect the Different Religions and Lifestyle of Taiwan

by Irma Katherine

Taiwan is very friendly! There are indigenous, Han nationality, and other different races. Everyone respects each other’s culture, including life etiquette, eating habits, and religion, so Taiwan has always been a favorite place for tourists from all over the world.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – According to data from the Ministry of the Interior: The Taiwan number of Temples and Churches in 2019 totaled 15,175. Among them, Taoism, Buddhism, and Protestantism have the largest number of buildings, followed by Catholicism, I-Kuan Tao, Tenrikyo, and other religious buildings. There are so many religions, which means that Taiwan respects different races and cultures.

Taiwan respects different religions

You can feel that all religions are respected in Taiwan. For example, Muslim prayer rooms can be found at Taipei train station, Taichung train station, or Kaohsiung train station, and most hotels also provide prayer spaces. There are also many Halal Certification restaurants in Taiwan that provide food that meets Islam standards.

In addition, there are many churches in Taiwan. Not only are some indigenous believers in Catholicism and Christianity, but most people also think that churches are a sacred place that makes people feel grateful. Every December, Taiwan will celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts.

(Photo via Merxwire)

Unique faith building

Longshan Temple is the most famous temple in the Taipei area. This is the place to pray to Guanyin and the center of faith for the locals. Regardless of age, when people have doubts about life, they will come here to ask about their fortunes, including health, work, or marriage.

In the southern part of Taiwan, Lotus Pond is a famous scenic spot in Kaohsiung, which has a special building, “Dragon and Tiger Pagodas”. People believe that entering from the dragon tower & exiting from the tiger tower can bring health and peace.

(Photo via Merxwire)
(Photo via Merxwire)

Taiwan, a dream destination

In Taiwan, almost everyone believes that the souls of ancestors will shelter future generations. Therefore, although most people in Taiwan believe in Buddhism and Taoism, people also respect the beliefs of different countries and regions. It was once voted as a tourist’s “dream destination” and “one of the most suitable places to live.”

If you have ever visited Taiwan, you must be impressed by it. Taiwan has a warm climate, convenient transportation, delicious food, developed cities, and stunning scenery. Many of these landscapes are temple buildings. In addition to offering believers to pray, they are also government-recommended attractions. If you have never visited Taiwan, you must come once in your life!

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