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COVID-19 continues to threaten humans. How to improve the immune system of the body at home?

by Audrey Hazel

COVID-19 forces people to stay at home and may cause anxiety. If you want to continuously improve your physical immune system and mental health at home, you can do it through exercise!

London, UK (Merxwire) – U.S. President Trump is also infected with COVID-19. The virus continues to be epidemic, and everyone dares not to ignore it. The public stays at home to avoid the spread of the virus. Governments of various countries promote popular movements to improve physical function and use the most direct way to improve the immune system to combat the threat of the virus.

Exercise enhances body function

In the process of exercise, moderate damage to muscles will cause inflammation. In order to repair the injured muscles, the body will send Phagocytes to deal with dead cells or bacteria to help body tissues maintain a healthy state.

The body also secretes cytokine during exercise. This ingredient is like a commander, responsible for activating T lymphocyte and natural killer cell, effectively resisting foreign viruses and destroying internal apoptotic cells.

In addition, adults start osteoporosis at the age of 35, and the older the age, the faster the loss. Exercise is one of the effective prevention methods, which can increase bone mineral density and muscle strength. It can also reduce blood sugar, hypertension, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease, and accelerate fat decomposition.

Promote mental health

When exercising, the body produces endorphins, which is a kind of neurotransmitter. During tension, pain, and laughing, the brain also produces endorphins to relieve the current tension and pain or to make the feeling more pleasant. Therefore, endorphin is called “the morphine of the human body.”

Endorphins can not only make the mood happy, help stabilize the mood, but also relieve stress. If you are an office worker or fall into a middle-aged crisis and feel anxiety, sports can be your outlet! The proportion of people suffering from depression and anxiety has become higher and higher. Exercise can stimulate the brain and make people feel happy, which is particularly important for the public’s mental health.

Exercise increases the number of the neurotransmitter, can promote angiogenesis to transport growth factor, and promote the generation of new nerve cells. Exercise can also maintain the balance of hormones, thereby improving the quality of life and even the harmony of the whole family.

Improve performance

Most people think that studying or working must be attentive. Attentiveness is to get rid of things that disturb the mood and be quiet. “move” cannot study or work quietly. But in fact, exercise can increase physical strength and concentration.

For example, some middle schools in Chicago ask students to exercise before starting classes in the morning to achieve a 70% Maximum heart rate or Maximal oxygen uptake. Parents originally opposed this practice, worrying that students would lack the physical strength to attend classes after sports.

However, it turns out that Dopamine, Serotonin, and Norepinephrine have all increased after the student exercise, and these three types of neurotransmitters can all help students learn. Dopamine is a positive emotional substance, and people learn more effectively in happy situations; Serotonin can help memory, and Norepinephrine can enhance concentration.

In this difficult period, although I spend more time at home every day, it does not mean that I have to be a couch potato at home. Move! Physically and mentally strong through exercise and survive the COVID-19 period.

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