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Reader Contribution: Taiwan Launches Coupon to Stimulate the Economy

by Audrey Hazel

After Taiwan issued stimulus voucher, it launched additional limited coupons, hoping to promote sports activities, Arts Industry, Rural tourism and Hakka culture, and to increase the consumption power of the people.

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Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Thanks to reader Mr. Logan Chen for submitting again. Logan said that after the Stimulus Voucher was distributed in Taiwan, crowds began to appear in department stores, and the number of tourists in various attractions also increased. July and August happened to be the summer vacation, and many parents took their children to travel to various parts of Taiwan. Taiwan also took the opportunity to launch limited-edition coupons to promote economic growth for the sports, rural, art and cultural industries.

COVID-19 has hit the global economy, and Taiwan has successively introduced various non-cash distribution related policies, hoping to stimulate consumption. In addition to the main stimulus voucher, there are also limited coupons for sports activities, Hakka culture, art industry, and rural tourism. These coupons need to be registered online first, and those who win the draw can enjoy the discount.

Sports coupons

Due to COVID-19 related restrictions, many people lack sports, Sports Administration, MOE has launched coupons to promote sports activities, sports tourism and eSports. After registering online, the winners can get a coupon worth NT$500. The coupon can be used for: watching sports games, participating in sports activities, buying sports goods, etc.

Art and culture coupons

In order to promote the arts, Cultural and Creative Industry, Ministry of Culture launched an additional coupon worth NT$600, which was issued in the form of E-ticket. Art and culture coupons can only be used in art and culture-related fields. Available places: art and cultural related event venues, concert halls, bookstores, record shops, movie theaters.

Rural travel coupons

For people who like to travel in rural areas, the Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan also launched related additional coupons. After people register online, the winners can have coupons worth TWD 250. Rural travel coupons can only be used in limited places. There are more than 2,000 agricultural fields in Taiwan, which is suitable for family travel.

Hakka travel coupon

Taiwan is a multicultural island, where there are many races. In order to promote Hakka culture, Hakka Affairs Council has launched an exclusive discount. After registering online, the winners can get 8 coupons worth NT$100 each. As long as there are Hakka stores that cooperate with the coupon, it can be used for meals, souvenir purchases, accommodation, etc.

Voice of Taiwanese

The additional coupons must be registered online first, and can be used after the draw, and have a validity period. Mr. Logan said: “As long as the coupons are used up before 12/31. In addition, due to the limited budget of the government, many people did not draw the coupons, or one person draws many coupons, resulting in unfair voices. .”

In addition, coupons can be used to purchase souvenirs and goods, and they are also considered by the public to not really help the development of the industry. “For example, many people register for sports coupons just to buy good-looking sneakers, not necessarily to wear sneakers for sports.”

Mr. Logan believes: “As long as it can stimulate consumption and help the industry, that is a good policy, but when implementing these policies, how to achieve fairness is also very important.” Many people in Taiwan hope that fairness can be considered when introducing relevant policies in the future. Because coupons are money for everyone to pay taxes.

Contribution of reader Mr. Logan Chen.

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