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Workation in Hualien: A City of Great Natural Beauty and Friendly People, Becoming an Internationally Friendly Habitable City

by Irma Katherine

HUALIEN, TAIWAN (Merxwire) – Hualien County boasts an excellent natural environment, making it one of the most popular cities for relocation within Taiwan and an ideal destination for many international residents. In the post-pandemic era, remote work has become the norm, and job opportunities are no longer the sole criterion for choosing a place to live. Safe environments, reasonable living costs, and cities that are closer to nature and offer a quality lifestyle stand out. Thus, Hualien emerges as an ideal city for studying, family life, or retirement.

In 2023, County Mayor Hsu Chen-Wei envisioned “Hualien goes global and the world comes to Hualien”. In the post-pandemic era, the goal is to gradually transform Hualien into an international-friendly city through measures such as tourism, cultural exchanges, and smart city initiatives. By publishing bilingual publications about local culture, organizing courses and events to promote interaction between local residents and international people, actively seeking to host international events and city exchanges, and discovering potential spots suitable for digital nomads.

Canadian explorer Robert Preston Rogers, who traveled around the world, was attracted by Hualien’s great mountains and seas and its warm and friendly residents. Having lived in Hualien for 22 years, Robert loves the geographical conditions of Hualien, with its mountains near the sea, which satisfy his passion for sports like rock climbing, hiking, river tracing, and surfing. Besides the excellent outdoor sports environment, Robert also enjoys exploring the various traditional markets, saying, “Winter in Canada is very cold, and vegetables are expensive. It’s not like the markets in Hualien, where the produce is fresh and delicious.” He adds,” I will continue to live in Hualien because this is my home.”

Krishna Pandey, a Nepalese who speaks fluent Chinese, was a high-altitude guide in his home country where he met his wife from Hualien. After marriage, they settled in Hualien. In Krishna’s eyes, Hualien, like his hometown in Nepal, has beautiful mountains. Despite the ethnic diversity, the residents are just as friendly and enthusiastic. “The biggest difference is the convenience of Hualien. There’s a market and grocery stores within walking distance; a 10-minute bike ride takes me to the cultural park, where I often set up my stall,” he says. “And the medical services in Taiwan are not only convenient, but also very reassuring.” For Krishna, “Hualien is just paradise!”

Andreas Wiesener was born in Bavaria in the southeast of Germany and grew up in Langenfeld in the western part of the country. He used to be engaged in mechanical trade and purchasing parts. He says, “In Germany, I have a car, a house and my own business, it seems like I have everything. But in Taiwan, I have found happiness.“ In 2019, He and his wife found their dream home on Chike Mountain to realize their ideal life. The variety of delicious food, the friendliness of people, and the coexistence of traditional and contemporary culture, including traditional markets and temple culture, are the reasons why he loves Taiwan.

In Hualien, like Robert, Krishna, and Andreas, thousands of foreigners have chosen to relocate here because they fell in love with its natural environment and local culture. Hualien is the homeland of the Austronesian languages and also a common home for Hoklo, Hakka, indigenous, and new immigrant ethnic groups. The coexistence of diverse ethnic groups and the interweaving of cultures make the cultural landscape here even more colorful and diverse.

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Hualien County Government
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SOURCE: Hualien County Government

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