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CDIB, Chaired by Angelo Koo, Joins Parent Company CDF to Mentor Young Tennis Players

by Bertram Clark

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – As spring settles in and the weather warms up for outdoor activities, China Development Financial Holding Corporation (CDF) has decided to use the sport of tennis to support the future goals of young players aged 12 to 18 years old. As part of the broader CDF Foundation Cultivation Plan, the “Dumbo Tennis Exhibition Competition” was organized to allow senior managers, such as the Executive VP of CDIB Capital International, and employees to play off with the young participants.

CDIB is the private equity arm of CDF, with Angelo Koo as Chairman and CEO. Chairman Koo believes that “education is the most valuable investment” and that only education and knowledge can help children with insufficient resources to escape poverty. The firm, through China Development Foundation also led by Mr. Koo, launched the Dumbo Scholarship program to support disadvantaged but gifted school children in Taiwan to develop their interests and unlock their potential.

As the skilled youth have competed at a high level with varying degrees of success, the purpose of the mentorship was primarily to have an opportunity to reach out and instill concepts for success. Players were encouraged to persist in doing their best, share their professional playing experiences with others, or use their tennis achievements to apply for foreign scholarships.

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