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“Squid Game” Caused Sensation, Promoting Cryptocurrency “SQUID” Rise Nearly 2400%

by Audrey Hazel

The Netflix Korean drama “Squid Game” attracts manufacturers to launch a cryptocurrency and online crypto games of the same name. The cryptocurrency “SQUID” rose by nearly 2400% within a few days.

Squid Game Official Trailer. (Screenshot from the Netflix – YouTube)

Seoul, South Korea (Merxwire) – The Korean drama Squid Game launched by Netflix has accumulated more than 100 million viewers within one month of its release. The content in the drama has also become a popular challenge for TikTok. At the same time, the cryptocurrency SQUID of the same name has also risen with the tide. It was sold out at the pre-sale on October 20 and rose by nearly 2,400% within a few days, and its market value exceeded 174 million U.S. dollars at one time, becoming a star in the cryptocurrency market!

Crypto games of the same name

According to a report from “CNBC,” there are already crypto games manufacturers that have launched an online version of the Squid Game. Players who want to participate must pay the cryptocurrency SQUID and purchase specific NFT in certain rounds to achieve game tasks. There is no limit to the number of participants in this encrypted game, and there is no upper limit to the total bonus. 10% of the admission fee paid by the player will belong to the organizer, and 90% will belong to the winner’s bonus. Although the bonus is very attractive, many users report that they cannot sell SQUID on the decentralized exchange PancakeSwap, so the public should pay attention.

Why is Squid Game so popular?

In the Korean drama Squid Game, players will die as long as they lose the game, so almost every player exposes a selfish personality, which makes the whole drama create an atmosphere that feels scary, suspenseful, tense, and exciting. On the other hand, many social issues are also presented in the play, including M-shaped society, Misogyny, immigrants being bullied, North Korean Defectors encounters, as well as political and commercial corruption, etc. These issues make the audience have special feelings. Among them, the M-shaped society can be felt by most audiences, so it is easier for the audience to appreciate the mood of the male protagonist in the play.

Can’t dress up as Squid Game?

On Halloween this year, many Taiwanese students dressed up as characters in the Squid Game play. However, in European and American countries, some schools prohibit students from choosing relevant dresses. Some educators and parents feel that Squid Game is not suitable for children to watch. They are worried that the bloody and violent content in the play will affect children, and they are also afraid that children will imitate the plot. In fact, although Netflix positions Squid Game as “mature only,” this Korean drama is so famous that many minors secretly watch it.

The trend brought by Squid Game

As more and more people watch Squid Game, more people discuss this Korean drama on the Internet. Various social media such as TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, etc., have Squid Game related content. Together with the cryptocurrency of the same name, encrypted games, and related NFT, these have made it a craze on the Internet. On the other hand, you can also find products related to Squid Game content on the Internet, such as biscuits with umbrella patterns, masks, and masks with patterns, etc. The trend brought by Squid Game has entered our daily lives.

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