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POPSHOWROOM: Tailoring the Future of Fashion Industry by Tech-driven Supply Chain

by Irma Katherine

POPSHOWROOM, presenting as an e-commerce fashion company at SOURCING at MAGIC, not only promotes women’s active lifestyle and self-expression, but also conveys their further plan of building a tech-driven agile supply chain.


Las Vegas, NV (Merxwire) –  “Thanks to the development of social media platforms, traffic-based entrepreneurial opportunities emerged globally, DTC (direct-to-customer) campaigns thrive. We value the innovation involved and desire to engage. Developing a new business model, building original brand and upgrading our supply chain system, we are excited about what we are doing. And we are curious about the significance it would bring.”

Having just confirmed that an algorithm center and their own-branded factory will be set up in Jiangxi Province, China, Joe, Founder and CEO of POPSHOWROOM, envisions the future of the brand. “We first got started by doing print-on-demand, but what we want to achieve is bigger than that, let’s name it ‘fashion-on-demand’.” More than ‘print’ on demand, the plan Joe entertains is to dissect and restructure the traditional producing line, upgrade the supply chain to the point of being able to meet the unique requirements from a single individual customer, who wants to have his or her personally designed, one-piece only items.”

It might sound like an unpractical idea before, but now it is possible. A set of advanced online design tools and an agile supply chain are the keys.

When it comes to innovation and technology integration, POPSHOWROOM is confident. It has been persistently investing in technological innovation and has established its algorithm center in May this year.

“We are working towards a digital one-stop supply chain solution to upgrade apparel manufacturing. Committed to digitally connect our customers with a strong and agile supply chain, we use technologies to minimize their cost at each stage of their entrepreneurship. Working in big data with experts in Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, we are developing advanced tech to actualize our vision.”

Pine YOU shows a great amount of excitement talking about the research they are doing. As the Head of Product and Technology at the company, he is constantly flying between their algorithm center in Nanjing, and Beijing, where POPSHOWROOM‘s main office is located.

The brand believes that the goal of technology is ultimately to offer a better experience for the people involved, to create value for its users.”We care about our customers’ comprehensive experience from ordering online to confirming the receipt of their package. We’ve been actively engaged with our communities via different social platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.. We value customers’ feedback and use it to optimize our products and service,” says Doudou, Operation Manager of the company.

More than focusing on customers’ online experience, POPSHOWROOM will open its offline shop in Los Angeles later this year. “It allows us to connect our audience both online and offline!” Doudou added, “We always value real-world connections.”
What POPSHOWROOM has curated at MAGIC Las Vegas is their women’s casual wear collection. At the same time, live streams will be hosted on their Instagram account. They see its debut at the US’s largest fashion trade as the opening to reaching a wider audience and better comprehending their needs.


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