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Taiwan Uses Voucher for Sports Spending to Stimulate Consumption, and Shopping Crowd Appears in Sports Goods Store

by Wisdom Frida

Sports Administration, Ministry of Education previously issued 4 million vouchers for sports spending. The voucher expires on January 31, 2020, and many people in Taiwan go to sports goods store to spend.

People choose products in a sports goods store. (Photo via Merxwire)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – 2020 is an unstable year. This year, the world has been hit, and the economy is in recession. Everyone will try to stay at home. In order to promote people’s consumption, the government implements relevant policies and issues of stimulus vouchers. In Taiwan, many stimulus vouchers were distributed, including 4 million vouchers for sports spending issued by the Sports Administration, Ministry of Education.

This voucher is equivalent to NT$500 and can be used for game tickets and sports-related tickets, as well as for sports-related products, including e-sports products like video game controllers.

The voucher for sports spending will be used from August 8, 2020, to January 31, 2021. There are many related businesses that cooperate with the government to provide people using the voucher to buy goods or services. Many sports goods store is also one of the cooperative stores. In order to use the voucher within the time limit, many people went to sports goods store and partner merchants to make purchases, resulting in more sports goods store consumers than usual.

What products can you buy at the sports goods store?
● Sneakers, sports shirts, mountaineering clothing
● Bicycles, helmets, lights, and other related accessories
● Dumbbells, sandbags, skipping ropes, and other fitness equipment
● Tents, sleeping bags, and outdoor camping equipment
● Basketball, football, swimming, and other sports equipment

Why does the government provide a voucher for sports spending? Because many people are already afraid of going outdoors. Through vouchers, people can be encouraged to go shopping in stores, and people can also be encouraged to buy sports goods to keep exercising at home. Many studies have analyzed that exercise can promote the immune system, which is a way to make the body stronger.

Continuous exercise can not only increase muscles but also vitalize the body and maintain body shape and health. But in this difficult period, everyone dares not go to the gym. Everyone is reducing the number of outings and keeping a safe distance, so fewer people choose to go to the gym.

Taiwan’s climate is humid, and it often rains. In particular, most of the buildings lack yards. Therefore, Taiwanese people cannot exercise in the yards. At this time, the assistance of the treadmill is very much needed. Of course, more different kinds of sports are needed, such as skipping rope, using dumbbells, and so on. Some people think that going outdoors is dangerous and they will buy goods online.

In addition, December is the cold season, and many people will also buy warm clothes, coats, and hats on online store.

Although 2020 is a very difficult year, the world is struggling to get through the difficult days. Everyone, including Taiwan is also taking protective measures and thinking of ways to promote the economy. Let’s spend a hard time together, stay strong, stay healthy, and keep optimistic hope.

The child is experiencing hula hoop. (Photo via Merxwire)

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