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The press release lets the world understand the new changes in your company, and the news distribution service provided via the Internet is the most innovative way to increase coverage and search engine rankings. In addition, press releases can spur interest among journalists and investors, as well as unique visitors who can increase sales.

Deciding how to distribute your press release can be challenging. Many PR professionals use media directories to build their own news and news media lists. Large companies use established press releases to publish financial and product information related to the company or the market, especially for financial reports and major product releases, and believe that paid services provide the widest coverage and best placements. Some public relations personnel, especially small businesses, found through the free online news release service that it could not guarantee that the press release would be published or even seen by the public. Through paid services, Merxwire publishes press releases to a number of high-quality news journals and TV stations, which are distributed through premium services and complete reports, and will be released in major industry journals such as ABC, CBS, CNBC, FOX, Reuters, Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider, Google News, Ask News and other popular social networking sites.

The more your company name is in the world, the more traffic your website has. Press release submissions are one of many ways to fully optimize your website.

What is a corporate news release service?

The press release service is a professional service that publishes the latest information of the company before the correct audience. It maximizes your brand exposure and gains more opportunities for website traffic and product sales.

Why do you want to publish a press release?

Press publishing services provided over the Internet are a low-cost way to increase search engine rankings and increase exposure. In addition, good online presence rates can add more unique visitors.

News release service at a reasonable cost

Our press releases are usually posted on well-known media sites and will be indexed by Google or more search engines within a few hours of launch. The end result is simple and your business will get more news and keyword indexing.

Detailed insight reports

The paid press release will be distributed and will provide a detailed report containing the press release URL, click-through rate, social network exposure and number of visitors, and the company can get detailed exposure data.

Merxwire’s international news distribution is a fast and efficient way to spread your company’s news to the global media. The press release shows the company’s latest products and activities, and easily reflects the ranking of search engines. Committed to a news release strategy and actively sharing updates will prove your credibility, publish press releases on hundreds of websites, and generate links and inbound traffic to your website.

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