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Dark Mantis Enterprises Announced Release Novel: Inappropriate Lovers Volume 1

by Audrey Hazel

Dark Mantis Enterprises announced the release of “Inappropriate Lovers,” which is the first part of the Jeanette Michelle series created. Find the love, adventure, and desire inside the novel.

Nashville, TN (Merxwire) – The author of Inappropriate Lovers is Jeanette Michelle. She is the author and producer, has a steady stream of creative inspiration. Inappropriate Lovers was originally an old novel written ten years ago and needs a lot of updates and adjustments. Jeanette decided to update this story to modern times.

Inappropriate Lovers includes eight parts; Jeanette said this novel is definitely a long future. She lost her mother in 2020 and went through many difficult times. Jeanette said that it took her a lot of time to start writing and producing again. She hopes everyone likes her series created.

Inappropriate Lovers is centered around Ginger and her friends, who seem to enjoy life and their company. Ginger finally decides to take a chance on love, or is it lust? It took Ginger some time to determine if having a relationship is a go. Giorgio somehow stumbles across Ginger’s journals and learns the valid reasons as to why Ginger runs from being loved. Although Giorgio is the observant one, he also has apprehensions about his sister and her well-being. Love, lust, passion, and sexual endeavors seem to follow Ginger and her circle of friends.

Suppose you are passionate about love, theatre, excitement, mayhem, and roller coasters. In that case, the Inappropriate Lovers series is a fit and find. If you are a fan of African and Asian drama, the Inappropriate Lovers series is spot on. Jeanette says if you love the Extraordinaire Tyler Perry’s work, this series will be just the right fit for you.

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