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List of Precautions for Using the Gas Water Heater

by Audrey Hazel

Every year, there are families with Carbon monoxide poisoning accidents caused by improper use of gas water heaters. In winter, these accidents are more frequent, and people need special attention.

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Keelung, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Anthony, who lives in Keelung, Taiwan, experienced carbon monoxide poisoning five years ago. His roommate found him in time and sent him to the hospital to save Anthony’s life. Anthony said that it was very cold at the time, so he closed the windows and doors and enjoyed hot water in the bathroom, only to faint.

Analyzing carbon monoxide poisoning cases in recent years, most of them are due to insufficient air supply due to the inability of air circulation, and the water heater cannot completely burn the gas, so carbon monoxide is produced. Especially in winter, everyone will close the doors and windows, which is more dangerous.

Carbon monoxide is a gas that has no taste, no color, and no irritating gas. It is produced when gas or gasoline cannot burn completely. It will cause a lack of oxygen in the tissues of the body and make the organ function ineffective. Symptoms of poisoning: dizziness, headache, nausea, vomiting, lack of energy; in severe cases, coma, convulsions, the inability of the heart, and death.

When using a gas water heater, you must pay attention to the following points to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning:
1. Purchase a gas water heater that meets the inspection standards
2. Choose a water heater with a suitable water output
3. Check the air circulation condition of the installation site
4. Do not install the gas water heater indoors
5. Ask a licensed professional for installation
6. Regularly maintain your gas water heater

Especially for gas water heaters used for more than five years, homeowners should regularly hire professionals to conduct safety inspections and maintenance for the water heaters to avoid incomplete gas combustion due to aging parts, which may lead to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

For water heaters that meet the inspection standards, people should also use the machine by the instructions and precautions when using it. Do not stack objects around the water heater, and do not install air conditioners or exhaust fans to prevent exhaust gas from incomplete combustion from returning to the room. Also, do not dry clothes or place gas buckets around the water heater to avoid fire.

In Taiwan, most of the gas water heaters are installed on the balcony. Still, they also install glass and other materials on the patio to isolate the outside, which makes the air unable to circulate, which is also a dangerous thing. In addition, no matter which brand of water heater has a service life, homeowners must regularly replace the water heater to reduce accidents.

If you smell gas at home, please stop using the water heater immediately and ask a professional to repair it. The most important thing is not to close the windows because of the cold weather to avoid carbon monoxide gas generation due to the inability of air to circulate. Please keep air circulation as much as possible!

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