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Footprint Project deploys Solar device at Black Cultural Zone Event in Oakland

by Audrey Hazel

In the Black Cultural Zone Akoma Outdoor Market event in East Oakland, the Footprint Project first deployed the T5 mobile solar trailer. In the event, successfully supplied power to two speakers.

Northern California, CA (Merxwire) – The Black Cultural Zone is a three-year organization that enhances cultural awareness by promoting projects promoted by the East Oakland community in California. The community plans a variety of activities, including art, music, food/mask distribution, and community reach-ins for Black August. Get in touch with Footprint through People Power Solar Cooperative to find related equipment to supply Black Cultural Zone power.

Which type of equipment is suitable for powering the Black Cultural Zone? During the event, the Footprint Project used T5 mobile solar trailer to provide two speakers with continuous power supply for several hours. The T5 trailer used to be used in emergency and non-emergency events for phone charging stations, lighting, refrigeration, and sound equipment, and will continue to be used in the future.

Footprint project aims to communicate with other local community groups affiliated with the Black Cultural Zone about how this T5 trailer could energize other events in the area as well as help to organize long-term sustainability planning for various communities.

Footprint Project will continue to support these organizations in the time of long overdue social justice. With increased support and participation from local volunteers and its national network, the Footprint Project team will work to provide power to organizations and communities that raise social awareness and preserve the culture of black communities.

Footprint Project’s mission is to help #BuildBackGreener after disasters by providing cleaner energy to communities in crisis.

About Footprint Project:

Footprint Project’s mission is to help #BuildBackGreener after disasters by providing cleaner energy to communities in crisis. We dispatch mobile solar stations to power disaster first response and support long-term, resilient recovery. We help relief groups integrate sustainable technologies into their missions through hands-on training, design, and deployment support. In 2020, Footprint Project has deployed mobile solar stations to the earthquakes in Puerto Rico, tornadoes in Tennessee, a COVID-19 clinic on the US/Mexico border, and the Minneapolis justice movement, providing direct access to emergency solar recharging for over 13,000 US citizens affected by disasters.

If you are interested in helping Footprint Project #BuildBackGreener during these trying times, we are currently seeking:

1. Cash – The most effective, flexible, and sustainable way to support disaster-affected communities. Donations can be made at https://www.footprintproject.org/donate

2. Clean Energy Equipment – Batteries, inverters, solar panels, wiring, in priority order. More information here: https://www.footprintproject.org/take-action

3. Attention – Share our work. Attention helps us fund the first two. Follow and share at https://twitter.com/footprintprjct/ and https://www.instagram.com/footprintprjct/

More information please visit: https://www.footprintproject.org/

SOURCE Footprint Project

Media Contact Information:

Company Name: Footprint Project
Contact Person: Amelia Reynolds
Email: info@footprintproject.org
Country: United States
Website: https://www.footprintproject.org/

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