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Concourse Technology Assists Universities and Students to Solve Enrollment and Admission Problems

by Ernest Harry

Concourse provides an online platform to help universities find suitable students through global clearing activities, and at the same time makes it more convenient for international students to apply to universities and has more diverse options.

BROOKLYN, NY (Merxwire)-The coronavirus pandemic has made many universities face the difficult decision of restarting campuses or continuing quarantine. THE CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION is tracking about 60% of colleges and universities plan for an in-person fall semester. Concourse provides proprietary technology so that universities from all over the world can find suitable students and provide students with quotations in the first global clearing activity online.

However, the virus pandemic not only disrupted school operations, but also made the admission process for international students very difficult. Concourse provides an easy-to-use online platform for students and secondary school counselors to upload verified records, and then universities can directly enroll and provide scholarships on this platform.

Concourse Global Clearing is a new program that is revolutionizing international student admission and placement. 94% of participating students receive at least one university offer. Each participating student receives an average of 3.8 admission offers. Make it easier for international students to study in other countries.

Creating a New Normal for 2020 Enrollment and Beyond

The coronavirus pandemic has turned international university admissions upside down, with travel restrictions, delayed visas, and stay at home orders. University World News reports, “There are currently doubts about whether some special international programs and exchanges will be able to go ahead in the autumn if restrictions and delays due to COVID-19 persist.”

Concourse Global Clearing provides the answer, with university-friendly benefits including:

– Fast, efficient way to find students for changing enrollment situations

– Easy-to-use, student-friendly virtual admission and offer process

– Expanded lists of certified profiles for more diverse student bodies

– Build and strengthen relationships with counselors around the world

In the U.S., The University of Alabama was a pilot participant in the Global Clearing initiative. Shelley Moss, Assistant Director of International Admissions said, “The University of Alabama believes in giving students from all around the world fair access to admission to our great institution.” Concourse and Grok Global Services share that perspective, and worked with The University of Alabama to put belief into action. Global Clearing enabled The University of Alabama to reach students who had never considered them before.

“We not only engaged with students via Global Clearing but also found ourselves building long term relationships with the participating high schools.” She characterized the admissions workflow as simple and said, “We’re excited to continue participating.”

Simplifying Processes and Improving Results

High school students participating in Global Clearing are pursued by universities with pre-emptive offers and scholarships. This eliminates the onerous, time-consuming need to submit multiple one-off applications. “Universities are so used to students sending them applications. Now Global Clearing is flipping that,” says Misco Mungai, Post School Success Manager at Nova Pioneer in Kenya. “I want this to become the new normal.”

“The Global Clearing project has been so inspiring,” reports Ermek Esenaliev, High School Coordinator at the Silk Road International School in Kyrgyzstan. “In the past few days, my students have received more offers than since the beginning of the academic year.”

About Concourse Global Enrollment

Concourse is a technology platform with a mission to create more higher education opportunities for students around the world. Concourse’s unique structure links students, counselors, and universities, and revolutionizes the process of engagement and enrollment. In the few short years since its founding, Concourse has been used to connect tens of thousands of high school students and universities, allowing for more opportunity and exploration than ever before.

About Grok Global Services

Grok is a professional services firm providing in-country staff, infrastructure and expertise to help universities succeed in international education markets. With a unique array of services, Grok enables institutions to develop strategy, form academic partnerships and branch campuses, increase brand and engage audiences, as well as deploy resources to manage global recruitment activities. Since 2005, Grok has worked with more than 150 clients to extend their reach and improve their outcomes in the international education industry.

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More information please visit: https://concourse.global/

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