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Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook Must Be Regulated

by Sheila Nelly

Facebook founder and president Mark Zuckerberg spoke at a security conference in Munich, Germany on February 15, calling for more online content to be regulated, but companies such as Facebook need not decide what legal free speech is.

Munich, Germany (Merxwire) – The Security Conference in Munich, Germany has been opened. Mr Zuckerberg attended the conference on the 15th. He acknowledged that FB is an information content provider between newspapers and Telecom, and therefore must be subject to national supervision.

Mr Zuckerberg called for more regulation of harmful online content, but legal freedom of speech should not be determined by companies like FB.

Although Mr Zuckerberg believes that harmful online content needs to be regulated, he also warns that excessive control may stifle personal expression. FB is Social media giants. In recent years, more and more Social media, these companies are facing the problem of disseminating false information. FB’s political advertising policies were particularly criticized.

FB was accused of being used by Russia to interfere in the 2016 US elections, and Mr Zuckerberg acknowledged that the company was too slow to understand Russia’s actions. He said that starting in 2016, FB found that there are more than 50 information wars against elections worldwide.

FB currently has a team of about 35,000 people responsible for checking the content, and with the assistance of AI, more than 1 million fake accounts are deleted daily. “Our budget [for content review] is bigger today than the whole revenue of the company when we went public in 2012, when we had a billion users,” Mr Zuckerberg said.

Mr Zuckerberg expressed support for legislation, regulating elections and politics. He called on governments to establish a new regulatory system for Social media, and FB will continue to work to combat false information.

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