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Test and Buy Golf Balls You Can Trust and Afford

by Sheila Nelly
Trust golf balls

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – As golfers, we all like to look down at the name on our golf ball and know we can trust it. We want our drives to fly long and straight. We want our iron shots to nestle close to the flag. We also want our chip shots to check up next to the hole.

That’s why so many of us play the same premium golf balls as our favorite PGA Tour professionals. But the problem is those balls aren’t always a perfect match for our abilities and swing speeds.

Having shafts in your golf clubs that match your swing speed is a must when it comes to consistently hitting more fairways and greens and hitting the golf ball further. But what golfers often overlook is the importance of also playing the right golf ball for their game.

The impulse is to buy the same balls as your favorite professional. But unless you’ve got the same swing speed as, for example, Brooks Koepka or Tiger Woods, the chances are you’re not playing the right golf ball for your game. The other problem with playing those expensive premium golf balls is losing a few can massively increase the cost of a round of golf.

That’s why you’ve got to love the new range of “Trust” golf balls. Trust golf balls are made by Kerichem Material Science, a company whose mantra is to provide amateur golfers with their perfect premium golf balls …. at just $32 a dozen!

Trust golf balls have undergone a lengthy development process, based on the PGA compression rating of Compression = 180 – (deformation x 1,000). This is based on calculating the deformation of the golf ball under 200lbs of pressure. Each 0.001 inch of deformation increases the compression rating of a golf ball by one point. The result of this process is a range of four Trust golf balls with different compressions to suit a variety of swing speeds.

Compression should be the biggest consideration when choosing your perfect golf ball, as a golf ball compresses when hit then rebounds of the clubhead at high speed. Compression is the metric used to measure the firmness of a golf ball and playing a golf ball with the compression that matches your swing speed will help you maximize distance, control, and consistency.

The four golf balls Trust make are the S, V, X, and XL. The S is best suited to players who swing their driver at 95mph or less. The V suits players who swing their driver between 95-105mph, whilst the X is suited to players that swing their driver between 105-110mph. The XL is for players with a driver swing speed over 110mph.

Other important characteristics of Trust golf balls include durability, extra distance, and pro trajectory. All Trust golf balls also come with an advanced Urethane cover. Urethane is used by all premium golf ball manufacturers, and it offers increased spin rates on iron shots and wedge shots for drop and stop greenside control.

Using a premium golf ball with the right compression for your swing speed can revolutionize your golf game. That’s why it’s great you can now buy Trust’s Silver Box. This comes with three of each of their four different comprehension balls, making it easy for you to find your perfect Trust golf ball. It’s also a great value-for-money present for any golfer you know who’s using the wrong ball for their game.

Buy your Silver Box or a box of 12 Trust golf balls on Amazon now for just $32, and start playing a golf ball you can Trust.

For more information, please visit: https://www.kerichem.com/ or our online store on the amazon: https://amzn.to/2Tl1YOO

SOURCE: Trust Golf

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