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Root2Mindfulness Offers Mindfulness Makeovers for the Whole Family

by Audrey Hazel

‘Root2Mindfulness’ provides convenient, at-home mindfulness activities designed to help every member of the family thrive

London, England (Merxwire) – According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the use of antidepressants has increased by 65% over the past 15 years. The anxiety of all family members, including children, is rising, and most adults with mental health problems – 68% of parents are women, compared with 57% of men.

As global conflicts continue to increase, catastrophic climate change and the sense of loneliness brought about by technology are causing the level of anxiety for people around the world to continue to rise.

One startup hopes to combat the stressors of 21st century family life by helping families master the art of mindfulness, together.

Mindfulness is an exercise that involves focusing one’s attention on the immediate, present moment in order to let go of anxiety and negative thoughts. Root2Mindfulness harnesses mindfulness exercises for families by offering affordably priced online programs to help people unclutter minds full of useless or damaging thoughts and relieve the stress and pain they are holding within.

Mindfulness helps practitioners acknowledge, accept, process, and put a stop to emotions that manifest negativity or self-hurt.  The practice allows people to press pause in the midst of toxic behaviors and emotional reactions to assess and recalibrate, responding calmly and peacefully to any situation. When families engage in mindfulness exercises together, they open up new connections with one another and achieve a collective calming that can be life changing.

“Mindfulness is powerful in transforming the lives of individuals and families,” said Rachael Iris Skerritt, co-founder of Root2Mindfulness. “It can have a hugely positive effect on every single person who welcomes it into their lives. When families master mindfulness together, they are healthier and have more fulfilling relationships of love and support.”

Root2Mindfulness offers emotional education for the whole family through a convenient online program that can be completed in the comfort of one’s own home. Using an easy-to-follow curriculum that includes, games, tasks and lessons, the whole family can bond together while mastering the practice of mindfulness.

Mindfulness can help parents be more in tune with themselves, gain patience and learn how to relax while helping children of any age evaluate what’s essential in any given moment and what’s holding them back while learning to understand their own emotions. All the while, the whole family grows together, communicates more effectively, solves problems together quickly and forms an unbreakable unit.

Families can enroll in the program for a 7-day trial for $1.

View a video about the Root2Mindfulness online program at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=udzjc0wOWzE

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More information please visit: https://root2mindfulness.com

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