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CDIB Supports Green Eating on International Vegetarian Day, Angelo Koo Champions a Plant-Based Future

by Irma Katherine

TAIPEI, TAIWAN (Merxwire) – In 2009, the United Nations Climate Change Conference adopted the “Copenhagen Accord,” setting a goal to limit global temperature increases to within 2 degrees Celsius. Now, 14 years later, with the Earth having warmed by approximately 1.2 degrees Celsius, there remains significant room for progress towards the original target. Addressing global warming has become an imperative issue for nations worldwide. In response to this, the United Nations has proposed a solution, suggesting that to slow down global climate change, it is essential to alter dietary habits by adopting a plant-based diet. In other words, encouraging more vegetable consumption and less meat intake. The concept of “International Vegetarian Day” originated from a religious festival initiated in India in on Nov. 25 1986 to encourage people adopt a vegetarian diet, not only as an expression of compassion towards animals but also as a commitment to environmental conservation.

CDIB Chairman Angelo Koo urges that environmental protection requires collective efforts from everyone. Making positive changes in daily dietary habits is a starting point to save the Earth. (Photo via China Development Financial)

CDIB recognizes the potential for sustainable change in dietary choices to environmental conservation and encourages its staff to collectively embrace a diet rich in vegetables. The company has integrated daily dietary practices into its ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) strategy, leveraging its corporate influence for tangible impact. Angelo Koo, Chairman of CDIB, emphasizes that more people should support adopting a green diet, which not only promotes personal health but also helps alleviate the environmental burden on the planet. As a leader in the financial industry’s ESG initiatives, CDIB has long considered promoting sustainable development a corporate responsibility. The company actively participates in external environmental conservation efforts and places significant emphasis on internal employee dining facilities. This commitment aligns with the “Preferred Employer” strategy, providing employees with the healthiest workplace environment. CDIB replaces high carbon-emission red meat with organic and healthy fresh fruits and vegetables, designs diverse menus based on seasonal produce, and strives to care for employees’ physical well-being while contributing to environmental protection. Angelo Koo, Chairman of CDIB, said that the food production process emits a substantial amount of greenhouse gases, particularly methane, a major contributor to global warming, with red meat having significantly high greenhouse gas emissions. He emphasizes that environmental protection is not as challenging as imagined, encouraging people to start with fundamental dietary improvements to make a meaningful contribution to the environment.

Recognizing the critical importance of environmental sustainability, KGI Securities, a subsidiary of the CDIB group, became the first company in the industry to have its employee cafeteria certified as a green restaurant by the Environmental Protection Administration in 2022, establishing itself as a trailblazer in the domestic securities sector. Demonstrating a commitment to environmental protection in daily dining practices, KGI Securities not only aligns with CDIB’s goal of becoming the ‘Preferred Employer’ by providing colleagues with nutritionally rich ingredients but also actively contributes to carbon reduction in a tangible effort to care for the planet. The green restaurant certification focuses on three primary goals: source reduction, local ingredients, and reducing food waste. ” KGI Securities places significant emphasis on “food miles” data to minimize unnecessary carbon footprints during ingredient transportation. The company collaborates with local vendors, procuring in-season and domestically produced fresh ingredients with production histories. In addition to ensuring employees receive ample nutrition, this approach also provides substantial support to local small-scale farmers. In a step further towards environmental consciousness, KGI Securities this year held an “Organic Day” event, in which the employee cafeteria exclusively offered meals prepared with all-organic ingredients. This initiative received high praise from employees, and the amount of leftover significantly decreased compared to previous occasions, boosting the morale of the staff at the transitioning green cafeteria. Administrative management at KGI Securities is considering making “Organic Day” a regular event with the anticipation that, through reducing the carbon footprint of ingredients, the company can promote agricultural education from the source to the employee cafeteria.

CDIB Chairman Angelo Koo stated: “Slowing down global warming is a collective responsibility for everyone. As a leader in the financial industry’s ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives, we will continue to develop green initiatives, becoming a robust pillar in safeguarding the Earth.”

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