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JFW Entertainment Rises Strongly onto the World Stage to Promote Honor Of Kings Bruce Lee Culture

by Derrick Smith

LOS ANGELES, CA (Merxwire) – Freshly, the international release of the “Bruce Lee” version of “Honor of Kings” was officially launched online in Brazil. The launch of Pei Qinhu – “Bruce Lee” skin was made available on the platform; the classic image of Lee wearing his yellow jumpsuit and holding the nunchaku, making a kicking movement, and within HoK exclusively music vibe. The martial arts represented by “Bruce Lee” is once again presented to Bruce Lee fans worldwide.

“Bruce Lee” Stands the Test of Time, JFW Entertainment Remakes its exclusive music

The theme music of HoK Bruce Lee Brazil version is masterly and proudly produced by JFW Entertainment.

The traditional martial arts represented by “Bruce Lee” is well-known around the world and also one of the most important cultural icons. Speaking of Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee devoted his efforts to promoting Chinese martial arts to the world and made the global audience realize the profoundness and essentialness of martial arts. Even in the rapidly-changing 21st century, Bruce Lee’s powerful charisma still holds an important place in every human being’s heart.

JFW Entertainment’s team is solidly hands-on to produce the exclusive music for HoK Bruce Lee skin theme. The music truly adds distinctive elements to match Bruce Lee’s legendary, classic, and unique style. It also proves the greatness and importance of JFW Entertainment that devotes to overseas stage and its dedication to promoting cultural diversity to the globe.

JFW Entertainment is proficient in performing multicultural arts. To game, it surely fulfills gamers’ high expectation of HoK “Bruce Lee” Brazil. Compared to the previous music version that launched on the Chinese domestic market, the Bruce Lee music theme of the Brazil version has been optimized to some great extents.

JFW Entertainment × Honor of Kings

For many years, JFW Entertainment has always been a great partner with Timi Studios. For over the past few years, JFW Entertainment has produced high-quality and original music for Honor of Kings, including e-sports, game events, characters, exclusive skins, etc.

For example, skins from the famous SNK series, and the twin skins of the precious “Gemini” in the Arena Of Valor which were launched globally together with Honor Of Kings at the same time.

Jessica Weng, the CEO of JFW Entertainment Corp has mentioned, “The company adopts a good, harmonious co-creation model when setting goal and planning process, ensuring that every detail of the music, the art, and the game are seamlessly integrated, which brings our work closer to the gamers.”

Among the above-mentioned production that JFW Entertainment has been involved in, the Mulan Asas de Luz skin and Sun & Moon dual-form skin has also launched in Brazil version of Honor of Kings. Within the ongoing upgrades of the Honor Of Kings international version, the industry can expect more great contents to be launched one by one soon.

JFW Entertainment gathers the elites of the entertainment industry and executes multiple international projects simultaneously

Reflecting on the great works of Honor of Kings, JFW Entertainment has no doubt produced numerous outstanding works for gamers. However, to develop its presence in global markets, JFW Entertainment is also engaged in other fields, including celebrity’s album, original soundtrack, music video, film and television production. JFW Entertainment will assuredly continue to carry a strong and extensive presence in various areas and continue to showcase its outstanding abilities and create more phenomenal works in its future development around the globe, as well as delivering more remarkable projects to a global audience.

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