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Solidarity with Ukraine, Giorgio Armani Leads the Fashion Industry in Silent Protest at Milan Fashion Week

by Amélie Poulain

Italian national treasure designer Giorgio Armani in 2022 autumn and winter Milan Fashion Week, especially chose a silent way to walk the catwalk without playing music, expressing his concern and reluctance for the recent outbreak of the Ukraine-Russian war, and became the first chief designer in the fashion industry to express his solidarity with Ukraine.

There is a lot of solidarity with Ukraine and anti-war activities around the world. (Photo via pexels.com)

Milan, IT(Merxwire) – The 2022 autumn and winter Milan Fashion Week officially debuted from 2/23 to 2/27, among which the Italian national treasure designer Giorgio Armani was the first fashion designer to speak out on the Ukrainian-Russian war. In particular, the catwalk was performed without any music at the fashion show, to silently express respect for the Ukrainian people caught in the war, and to fully convey the message that something is happening in this world that disturbs us, so we do not want to celebrate. The catwalk process was quiet and serious, only the footsteps of the models and the rubbing of the clothes were heard.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic in early 2020, major fashion shows have been published in digital form, and most of them are separated from the original physical fashion week. The atmosphere of the show is very different from the usual physical shows. Starting from the Spring/Summer 2022 Fashion Week in September 2021, important fashion week events such as New York, London, Milan, and Paris have officially returned to physical shows, and major brands have gradually returned to participate. This year autumn/winter Milan Fashion Week can be said to be the biggest fashion event after the epidemic. Most brands have returned to the physical runway, and it is also the first time for many co-branded and emerging designers to appear on the stage.

Showing respect for the Ukrainian people caught in the war with a silent and musicless catwalk. (Film via Giorgio Armani)

“My decision not to use any music in the show was made a sign of respect towards the people involved in the unfolding tragedy in Ukraine.”-Giorgio Armani 

It begins with a male voice reading Armani’s English statement. Even if there is no music, it does not reduce the fashion charm of the brand. Instead, it makes people realize Giorgio Armani’s care for the world and his long-lasting graceful tolerance. The women’s clothing is based on softness and elegance, and the design reduces too many details, showing the neatness and ability of women. The evening wear design is based on silk, embellished with exquisite handcrafts such as crystals, tassels, and sequins, showing the noble aesthetics of Italian elegance. Anne Hatheway, the famous Hollywood actress, wore a simple black dress with a bright silver handbag and her husband, Mr. Adam. Shulman, made a special time to attend the show together to express his support for Mr. Armani.

Giorgio Armani, a well-known Italian fashion designer, was born in 1934. After the Second World War, he can better understand the sad stories of the times and express his concern for generations. The 87-year-old took the lead in canceling the fashion week physical show in 2020 to fight the COVID-19 epidemic. After the Ukrainian-Russian war, he became the first chief fashion designer to express his support for anti-war in a fashion exhibition. Before the show started, all the music was removed, echoing the people outside the venue holding anti-war slogans, and once again put the world situation into the fashion hall, and won the high respect outside the design, showing the style.

Since the outbreak of the Ukrainian-Russian war on February 24, it has received almost unanimous international condemnation. From the military assistance of Poland and Germany, the economic and financial sanctions of G7, the closure of the European Union’s airspace against Russia, the rare property freeze of Putin and other 367 Russian officials and important political and economic figures in Switzerland, as well as spontaneous protest activities around the world. It can be seen that people’s reaction to war and their desire to pursue peace. Even if there are thousands of reasons for different positions in a war, the people will always be the last victims, mourning the lost lives, the separation from loved ones, and praying for the war to end as soon as possible and the world to return to peace.

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