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Study finds More than a Third of Men Will Gain Weight by Football Season

by Amélie Poulain

Research has found that more than one-third of men gain weight by the time football season begins, and half of them gain more than 10 pounds, so the start of football is often a sign that men are starting to lose weight. More than half of men believe that having a simple and easy-to-follow weight loss program or helping them deliver meals directly to their homes increases their chances of losing weight.

One in three men will gain weight due to football season. (Photo via pixabay.com)

Philadelphia, PA (Merxwire) – According to a survey in 2021of 2,000 men over the age of 30, more than a third of men will gain weight during the football season, and half of them will gain more than 10 pounds. Therefore, usually the day after an important football match, which is the starting day when men make up their minds to lose weight. Nutrisystem designs a personal weight management plan specifically for the need for men to lose weight, emphasizing that you can eat what you like and achieve the weight loss needs. Their methods of weight management are simple and provide convenient delivering food to your home.

The main reasons why watching football games is easy to gain weight

  • It is difficult to leave the table while concentrating on watching a football game: How long does it take to “sit” in a football game? According to the norms of a football game, it is divided into two halves, the upper and lower halves, each half is 45 minutes, and the halftime is less than 15 minutes, so at least 105 minutes. If the game goes into overtime, the extended time will be more difficult to estimate, because the first and second halves are 15 minutes each, and additional time will be added according to various situations, such as player injuries, substitutions, red and yellow cards, and celebration of goals. The people watching the game definitely don’t seem to miss any clips, so they sit for 2-3 hours and hardly leave the table except to go to the bathroom.
  • Pairing with high-calorie food and wine: Be sure to prepare food and wine for a football game. In particular, a variety of high-calorie foods such as fried chicken, popcorn, hot dogs, potato chips, and ice cream are regulars on the table, and alcohol is necessary. According to statistics, the earlier the football game starts, the longer the men drink on the day. Alcoholic beverages are also called “liquid bread” because there are 700 calories per 100 grams of alcohol. Vodka, brandy, and whisky have higher calories. Brewed alcoholic beverages such as beer and Japanese sake that contain sugar and protein also have more calories. Food and alcohol are also fatal to weight gain during football matches.
  • Staying up late to watch a football game hurts both the body and liver: Whenever a football game comes, in addition to the extended time of the game, the time to fall asleep is delayed, plus the jet lag problem, it is possible to stay up late to watch the game. Staying up late not only goes to bed too late but also causes insufficient sleep time and affects liver function. When the liver does not work well, the bile secreted will not be enough, so the fat metabolism will be poor, it will accumulate in the body, and the weight will increase. In addition to the liver, such work and rest conditions also affect human hormones, resulting in less leptin secretion and more ghrelin and adrenaline, so appetite increases and metabolic function decreases. The study found that people who slept 5 hours a day had 16% less leptin than those who slept 8 hours a day and accidentally ingested more fat and calories.
Food and alcohol are also fatal to weight gain during football matches. (Photo via pixabay.com)

Why do men love to watch football games?

The survey also found that a whopping 60 percent of West Coast men and 50 percent of East Coast men believe that watching football games makes them younger while making them think they are stronger now and can beat their younger selves. And only about 30 percent of men from the Midwest, Southeast, and Southwest think they can beat their younger selves. Of course, there are some other special factors that boys love to watch football games:

  • Meet hero plot

    One of the important reasons why men like to watch football games more than women is that there is a strong heroic plot in their subconscious. This heroic dream usually starts from a young age, and they always make up their minds to become scientists, supermen, policemen, and doctors. But as you get older, you’ll find that some wishes or dreams are unrealistic, and you will bury such wishes in your heart. When watching football games, these football stars with superb skills and radiance will satisfy boys’ heroic dreams and satisfy their unfulfilled inner desires from external behaviors.

  • Unleash attack instinct

    Freud, the founder of the psychoanalytic school, believed that “aggression” was one of the human instincts, so destructive behaviors such as destruction and war were derived. The collective confrontation in football games just satisfies the competitive mentality and enthusiasm of men to win, stimulates and releases the attacking instinct, stimulates energy due to conflict, is full of excitement and charm, and then runs on the football field, exuding the beauty of battle. A football coach like a military division led them and the team competes in technology and physical fitness. Even the weaker side can still defeat the powerful enemy, which also satisfies the curiosity of seeking differences.

  • Release the accumulated stress

    Everyone’s life will have some pressure, some people’s pressure comes from family, some people’s pressure comes from work. They all need a channel that can vent at the right time so that they don’t lose their balance or start to have headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, or even various symptoms due to excessive stress. Therefore, watching a football game with relatives and friends, having a meal and drinking, is a good way to relax, because the more exciting the game, the greater the pressure-relieving force. You can cheer loudly to release stress and unhappy emotions.

Watching a football game can satisfy the heroic plot of men and relieve stress. (Photo via unsplash.com)

Men’s thoughts on health and weight loss  

Men often show casual attitudes, so people always feel that they don’t care much for a lot of things, but the idea of health may make you a shock. According to statistics, 43% of men believe that physical and mental health and wealth, and current lifestyle are equally important. If you want them to choose between work promotion or weight loss of 20 pounds, 30% of them will choose to execute their weight loss targets.

Once they make up their minds to lose weight, they usually do better than women. Mainly because the male muscle content is higher, so the basal metabolism will be higher, and the daily energy consumption is relatively higher. Women’s higher body fat and the presence of estrogen make women burn fewer calories after meals. Coupled with the fact that men’s eating habits generally prefer meat, and women prefer carbohydrates, such as starches or desserts, women’s weight loss results are often less than men’s.

Nearly half of men believe that maintaining physical and mental health is as important as acquiring wealth. (Photo via pexels.com)

Weight loss methods for men 

Regarding how to lose weight, men also have their preferred methods. 53% of men believe that if there is a set of healthy eating plans that are easy to follow, it will help them achieve their weight loss and health goals more easily, and 35% of men think that delivering healthy meals to their home directly will help them to lose weight. Therefore, the services of nutrition companies such as Nutrisystem may meet their needs, because they can formulate exclusive nutrition plans according to the actual situation of individuals, and there are also app systems that can track activities, provide daily recipes, record diet, and make diet reminders and even order healthy meals delivered to your home, making weight loss easier and more convenient, just right for men.

To continue to enjoy football games with peace of mind and happiness, start the weight loss plan now! Regular exercise, paying attention to diet, and choosing professional assistance will make weight loss no longer difficult, and you can maintain a healthy and tangible body.

More than half of men believe that having a healthy eating plan that is easy to follow will help them achieve their weight loss goals more easily. (Photo via pixabay.com)

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