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The Facial Mask’s High Output Value Promotes Biotechnology To Join The Production

by Irma Katherine

More and more people pay attention to makeup and skincare, which makes the global cosmetics industry flourish, and the biotechnology industry has also begun to invest in the production of facial masks.

Facial masks are popular skincare products. (Photo via xframe.io)

Pune, India (Merxwire) – According to survey data, the global facial mask market reached 5.7 billion U.S. dollars in 2016, and the global facial mask market will reach 8.8 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. As more and more people take care of the skin, the output value of facial masks continues to increase year by year, which promotes the biotechnology industry to join the ranks of facial mask production.

Increase in consumption of facial masks

Affected by the pandemic, the sales volume of makeup products decreased in 2020, especially the sales of lipsticks. However, skin care masks have become popular, and their sales have continued to rise. According to the data collected by the trend insight company WGSN, during the pandemic, the sheet facial mask in the U.K. market had a 26% out-of-stock rate in April and subsequently increased to 39%. The out-of-stock rate of clay-based masks and other mask types also reached 27% during the same period.

The output value of facial masks continues to rise

According to market research firm Transparency Market Research, the global facial mask market will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.7% before 2024. In addition to consumer demand for skincare, skin damage caused by climate change has driven the growth of facial mask sales. At the same time, consumers have begun to pursue functional facial masks.

Modern people pay attention to skincare. (Photo via xframe.io)

Biotechnology joined the production of facial masks

In the past, the cosmetics industry focused on makeup products that make the appearance beautiful. Now the public pays more attention to skincare, which makes skincare products the main sales force. Consumers prefer functional masks, such as products that emphasize whitening, moisturizing, and anti-aging functions, attracting the biotechnology industry to enter the mask market. They add plant stem cells and alcohol fermentation by-products to the ingredients of the mask, and some focus on the development of special masks Material.

Men also use facial masks

The general public thinks that only women pay more attention to appearance, but many men now also use facial masks to maintain their skin. According to market observations, the consumption boundary between men and women is becoming more and more blurred. The cosmetics market for men is continuing to increase, and facial masks are also one of the most commonly used skincare products for men, contributing a lot to the global facial mask production value.

Common types of facial masks

The facial mask is a carrier of skincare products. According to different forms, it can be divided into sheet masks, clay-based masks, mud masks, paraffin masks, peel-off masks, cream masks, etc. European and American consumers have more obvious facial contours, so they prefer cream masks, which usually have a stronger cleansing power. Asians often use sheet masks, which usually contain more essences, and the covering method can also promote the absorption of skincare ingredients.

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