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New Business Partners Contributing to 180% Growth in Merry’s MEMS microphone

by Wisdom Frida
Merry Electronics has solutions on both digital and analog MEMS microphones. Model name MMD204 & MMA216. (Photo via Merry Electronics Co.)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – According to Yole research institution, the microphone market value has a current net worth of 1.7 billion USD, and is estimated to increase to 2 billion by 2024, while the market for MEMS microphone will be contributing 1.6 million to the table.

Although Merry Electonic’s Co. had a typical business performance last quarter, the MEMS microphone department has seen a growth of 180%, rising up to be the next big thing in the market.

MEMS Microphone’s Rapid Growth in 2020 Shows Much Potential in 2021

Since 2020, Merry Electronics Co.’s MEMS microphone demand has been growing steadily. Furthermore, the microphone shipment during the first quarter of 2021 has seen an increase of 180% compared to the first quarter of 2020. In fact, Merry Electronics Co. has been investing in MEMS microphone development since 2012. By 2018, with an experienced technological background in the home smart speaker system, Merry Electronics Co. has become part of the core supply chain.

According to Chaosen Chang, the head of the company’s microphone division, CS Chang says that in addition to the COVID pandemic leading to increased demands for indoor conference systems, growing demands for microphone systems in vehicle, smart TV, and TWS are also important factors contributing to the incredible development in the MEMS microphone market. Having started cooporation with three new business partners, Merry Electronics Co. is capable of providing highly customizable features, as well as making improvements on product materials and manufacturing processes.

Merry Electronics reduces the products size up to 30% while the product remains the same performance as its standard models. (Photo via Merry Electronics Co.)

Customer Satisfaction Comes From High Quality Product and Steady Supply

In order to meet customer satisfaction in the wearable market, MEMS microphones need to provide solutions for the three major aspects: miniature sizes, low battery consumption, and high quality features. Merry Electronics Co.’s newest analog MEMS microphone model, measuring only 2.4mmx1.6mm in dimensions while providing extra low battery consumption feature, has caught the attention of the TWS and wearable market. As for one of Merry’s expertise: sound quality, the new model provides 70dBA SNR(Signal-to-Noise Ratio), allowing great improvements for sound quality and voice recognition when users are in noisy environments, demonstrating the new model’s high quality features.

Chang also says that the company’s customers satisfaction comes from not only the technology behind the microphone, but also various chipset combination choices, which are made possible through strong business relationship with chipset manufacturers and MEMS sensor exclusive trade marks.

Parallel Product Development Provides More Product Varieties

Chang says that there are large growing demands on the market for voice recognition and personal uses, therefore the MEMS microphone market will see a tremendous demand increase in the foreseeable future, testing the manufacturer’s ability to adapt in both technology and manufacture processes.

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