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The COMPUTEX 2021 Virtual Exhibition Event Has Started

by Bertram Clark

COMPUTEX launch COMPUTEX 2021 Hybrid through Online-Merge-Offline (OMO), creating an exhibition featuring AI experience and interaction. The event has started at 10 am (GMT+8) on May 31st.

Photo via: COMPUTEX TAIPEI YouTube Channel

New York, NY (Merxwire) – During the event, participating manufacturers and visitors were able to cross the constraints of time and space, create business models in innovative forms, and build a new global technology ecosystem. The COMPUTEX 2021 Virtual event date is from 10:00 a.m. on May 31 to midnight on June 30 (GMT+8).

Keynote ​Speech

COMPUTEX 2021 expands the scale of the forum and invites CEOs or supervisors of leading international companies such as AMD, Arm, Intel, Micron, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, NXP Semiconductors, and Supermicro to give online speeches. The COMPUTEX Opening Keynote is hosted by Intel, which also means that the event has officially started.

The main event topics: 5th generation mobile networks, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, eSpots, future car technology, high-performance computing, information security, health care, innovation, and other technological trends.

High-profile manufacturers

This year, COMPUTEX introduced virtual display and AI accurate recommendations to continue global business and procurement activities. Participating vendors that have received attention include:
– Acer Group
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Business focus

Virtual display and precise recommendation are important features of this event. Exhibitors display their products in videos and other ways, with interactive functions to show the advantages of the products. Then, the relevant industry players can use Appier’s AI and automation technology to precisely match their needs.

COMPUTEX also opened the InnoVEX New creation and innovation exhibition area, bringing together new innovation teams from various countries to strengthen the international connection. In addition to the continued support of France, South Korea, and the Netherlands, EBRD also led 17 manufacturers from 7 countries to participate in the event for the first time.

More information please visit

COMPUTEX 2021 Virtual: https://virtual.computextaipei.com.tw/

InnoVEXVirtual: https://www.innovex.com.tw/en/index.html

Product market: https://www.computex.biz/

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