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In Fight Against Carbon Emissions, Bio-solutions Company Turns Waste into Biodegradable Products and Urges Consumer + Corporate Social Responsibility

by Irma Katherine

PANELTECH.US, a company that re-engineers bio-waste into clothes, furniture, and building materials urges business and consumers to fight for environmental justice by adopting its consumer + corporate social responsibility (C+CSR) ethos.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – “Our solutions embody a fundamental value of our company,” says Leiven Tsai, PANELTECH.US CEO, “All our solutions must enable a circular economic model in which consumers and producers have the best chance to make responsible choices. That’s why we started with the problem of global waste at a very local level.”

PANELTECH.US aims to create a sustainable, profitable alternative to the current global waste cycle by repurposing waste locally to feed global supply chains. Traditional recycling is expensive, but starting at the local level reduces costs drastically. The model works in any city on earth but particularly helps low-income and marginalized communities to enter global supply chains. To ensure that no one is left behind, PANELTECH.US works with people, business, and government entities at grassroots level to collect and supply agricultural, marine, and plastic waste.

Through its revolutionary technology – that can be located in a small warehouse — this waste is repurposed at locally into sustainable materials that in turn are used to produce biodegradable plastics, clothes, furniture, and building materials. These products enter local and global supply chains to meet increasingly tough sustainability criteria that companies must meet to remain relevant in the move to sustainable development.

“So, waste is collected and repurposed. Profits are made at the local level and benefit those communities directly. The local integration leads to employment and entrepreneurship opportunities that create empowerment in developing regions. But the social and environmental benefits are felt across the entire supply chain. And ultimately, our repurposed materials are biodegradable, so they create no further waste.” That is what we mean by a circular economic model and how we create environmental justice,” adds Jackson Chu, PANELTECH.US Chief Investment Officer.

PANELTECH.US provides sustainable waste solutions to help businesses align day to day practices with their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals. Our solutions are measurable, scalable, and can be implemented locally with ease. We apply revolutionary technology to turn biowaste into green consumer products, such as biodegradable plastic bags, green floors, green housing, and even biodegradable clothes and shoes. With its multiplier ethos of Consumer and Corporate Social Responsibility (C+CSR), PANELTECH.US enables a large impact on carbon emissions in any city on earth.

Learn more about PANELTECH.US Corp’s unique products developed using their patented biotechnology available soon. For partnership and sales inquiries, contact us at info@paneltech.us


Media Contact Information:

Company Name: PANELTECH.US Corp.
Press Contact: Tiffany Jan
E-mail: tiffany12@paneltech.us
TEL: +1(626)363-3123

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