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Aesthetic Mentor will Host Free Webinar and Discuss the “Becoming an Aesthetic Nurse in 2021” with Members

by Ernest Harry

The Free Webinar “Becoming an Aesthetic Nurse in 2021” will be held on January 30, and 1,000 people are expected to register. The event will introduce how to successfully get started in aesthetic nursing and Dr. Russo’s famous novice injector training methods.

Glastonbury, CT (Merxwire) – Aesthetic Mentor, the leader in accredited medical aesthetics training since 2011. The Webinar “Becoming an Aesthetic Nurse in 2021” will be held at 5 pm Eastern Time on January 30, 2021 (Saturday) this time. It is open to all healthcare professionals and those interested in the field to participate for free.

The webinar lasts 90 minutes and provides an internal understanding of “how to successfully navigate the path to become an aesthetic nurse injector”, including how to get started and how to avoid common pitfalls. It is expected that 1,000 people register, which is a great opportunity for anyone who has considered the industry.

The biggest detriments to a successful aesthetic career are the overload of information in initial training and the lack of guidance and mentoring after the certification courses. Healthcare providers can find themselves overwhelmed and unprepared, leading to greater treatment risks and higher liability for legal issues. Celebrating 10 years as an industry leader and pioneer, Aesthetic Mentor’s (previously known as Aesthetic Institute of Massachusetts) curriculum provides real-time skill acquisition and interactive training to empower students to practice safely very quickly and forge their own career.

The upcoming webinar will review the effectiveness of this curriculum and feature real-life success stories. Aesthetic Mentor will host this free online event from their new training facility in Hartford, Connecticut, which will officially open to students on February 20th, 2021.

Webinar registrants and attendees will be eligible for a number of raffle prizes and exclusive flash sales, including:

Webinar Attendees Giveaway
● 2 random attendees will be awarded a free “Applied Anatomy: Cadaver Dissection Class,” to explore the facial anatomy as it pertains to injectables for every level and provides 8 CME’s – $1,800 value per winner
● 1 random attendee will be awarded with a free “Introduction to Neurotoxin” course, a hybrid on-demand + hands-on training clinic and provides 12 CME’s – $2,999 value

Webinar Flash Sales
● Exclusive event-only discounts and promotions will be unveiled during the webinar

About Aesthetic Mentor

Celebrating 10 years of accredited medical training of Dr. Joseph A. Russo’s unique novice injector training method. Dr. Russo is a BC Plastic surgeon who has been a pioneer in medical aesthetics education for Nurses. The injector training he has developed has produced over 3,000 medical aesthetic providers who acquire skills to keep patients safe while achieving effective results with competence and confidence quickly as they transition into new aesthetic careers.

With an increasing number of facilities to offer the live hands-on training component with real patients and close supervision, as well as a cutting-edge on-demand interactive virtual curriculum, Aesthetic Mentor delivers best-in-class training for nurses seeking a new career in medical aesthetics that offers the potential for a significantly above average earning potential while enjoying a good work/life balance.

More information please visit: https://register.theaestheticmentor.com/nursing-career

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