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With The Arrival of Taiwan Shopping Season, Retail Industry Drives Booming Online Advertising, and Marketing Industry

by Irma Katherine

Taiwan began to welcome the shopping season in October, and department stores and shopping malls have launched discounts to drive business demand and performance growth in advertising marketing. Merxwire’s online advertising and marketing tools will bring strong online competitiveness to the retail industry.

With the arrival of the shopping season, the retail industry has stepped up promotions (Photo via merxwire)

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – Taiwan has entered the shopping season in October, and many department stores have begun to implement annual sales, and shopping malls also provide discounts to consumers. Some stores have launched activities in September, and the entire shopping season is not expected to stop until December 31. Consumers will purchase from the annual sale, double 11 promotion, to Christmas and celebration New Year’s Eve. These festivals not only promote the booming development of the retail industry but also the advertising and marketing industry and the tourism industry.

The weather in October is perfect for shopping! Regardless of working days or holidays, there are many tourists and shoppers on the streets of Taiwan. Some people have been queuing from early in the morning just to buy the limited discount products of the department store’s anniversary sale, hoping to enter the department store as soon as OPEN. Some people will always pay attention to online stores to get the lowest price.

In addition to the anniversary sale, the most anticipated is the double 11 promotion. This day is different from the others, and it has a very special meaning because it comes from buying gifts for yourself! Do you believe it? Many people will accumulate a wish list for a whole year and then purchase them all at double 11. In double 11 promotion, whether in physical stores or online stores, all stores will focus on promoting products, and you will see crowds and crazy shoppers on the street.

A series of shopping activities require window decoration, design of flyers, street signs, online advertisements, and various creative marketing methods, thus driving the performance of the advertising marketing industry. Merxwire also expanded its service types and scope due to the huge business needs and hired professional advertising consultants and marketing experts to increase audiovisual production services and media exposure services to improve service quality.

The most attractive part of the shopping season is the large discounts! During the product discount period, people are more willing to consume and buy more products than usual, even if they may not use these items for a short period of time. When products are promoted on leaflets, Promotion festooned vehicles, shopping websites, matched with beautiful designs or stunning videos, or even reported by the media, and consumers can have more shopping impulses.

The shopping season is very important for activating society and promoting economic development. People can increase communication by giving gifts and shopping together, and they will also travel to different administrative areas to improve the performance of accommodation, transportation, and souvenirs so that the tourism industry will also progress. It is very surprising that Taiwan can maintain good economic efficiency activities in times of global economic depression and chaos.

According to Agoda statistics, Taiwan’s domestic tourism performance has exceeded the same period last year and is one of the best markets in the world. Taiwan’s ability to minimize the impact of infectious diseases and allow people to return to the embrace of tourism means that Taiwanese people have good health education and that everyone is willing to keep a safe distance and take protective measures. Want to feel the charm of Taiwan’s shopping season? You can also participate in the event through the online store!

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