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The flag sea is flying in Taiwan, Enthusiastic People Celebrating National Day of the Republic of China

by Bertram Clark

Taiwan has successfully defended against COVID-19 attacks with good health education and epidemic prevention measures. The people celebrated 10/10 National Day of the Republic of China and enjoyed a happy holiday.

In Taiwan, all streets are covered with national flags this week.

Taipei, Taiwan (Merxwire) – October 10th is the National Day of the Republic of China, also known as Double Tenth Day, which originated from the launch date of The Wuchang Uprising on 1911-October 10th. This war overthrew China’s last dynasty-Qing Dynasty and established the Republic of China (R.O.C.). Although 2020 is a turbulent year and the world is threatened by COVID-19, the epidemic prevention measures in Taiwan are good, so people’s lives are not affected, and every family is celebrating the holiday.

National Day of the Republic of China
This year, Taiwanese people celebrate the National Day of the Republic of China, ushering in the consecutive holidays from October 9th to October 11th. Many national flags are hung on the streets, and the atmosphere is very happy and lively. People wear national flag clothes or wear national flag accessories to go out, and some people stick national flag patterns on masks to visit national scenic spots or scenic spots. The attractions, karaoke, and night markets in all counties and cities are flooded with people, and the society is very active.

On October 10th, each administrative district will also hold a flag-raising ceremony, and the head will lead the public to welcome the first light of the National Day of the Republic of China. At least 10,000 national flags have even been hoisted in New Taipei City, which is very spectacular, attracting many people to visit and take photos.

Attractions full of people
There is also a welcome attraction. A store in Zhongli District, Taoyuan City, specializes in selling rice noodles, a traditional Yunnan snack. This store arranges many national flags on October 10th every year, and it is also a place where many tourists visit. Feel the atmosphere of National Day while eating rice noodles, very happy!

Taiwan successful defense against COVID-19 was mainly due to the government’s implementation of preventive measures when the virus spread. Later, as the infection situation in various countries changed, Taiwan gradually implemented the export restriction policy of masks, the registration purchase policy of masks, and the related policies of restricting entry, successfully controlling the infection rate of the virus in Taiwan, so that the lives of citizens are not affected.

Successfully against COVID-19
From March to April 2020, when the global epidemic was the worst, many schools stopped classes, many companies stopped working or implemented work from home. At that time, Taiwan was almost the only place in the world where you could go to work and class usually. What is even more incredible is that the distance between Taiwan and China is only 130 kilometers! 

In order to ensure the health and prevent virus infection, public places in Taiwan are disinfected every day. The people also cooperated with government policies by wearing masks in crowded public places, washing their hands often, and avoiding touching their faces with their hands. From the beginning of the virus to the present, 75% alcohol can be seen everywhere in Taiwan, and the epidemic prevention measures are very strict.

The successful defense against COVID-19 attacks is the result of the cooperation of all citizens, because most people keep a safe distance, wear masks, and value cleanliness & alcohol disinfection. During this period, Taiwanese doctors and nurses jointly guarded the health of the people and were the bravest fighters, allowing the people of Taiwan to live a safe life.

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