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Why Fansdoor Can Make Countless Viral Videos and Bring Fame to Youtubers in Asia?

by Sheila Nelly

A successful YouTube channel can be a lucrative business. But if you want to create a profitable channel that people will watch, there’s one crucial thing you must do. Need many videos to attract viewers, it usually has rich content and huge viewers, as we all know, Fansdoor is an expert in this field.

Seattle, WA – YouTube is the second largest search engine on the Internet after Google, with more than one billion unique visitors per month. These visitors watch at least 6 billion hours of video every month. At the same time, content creators upload hundreds of hours of video on YouTube every minute.These statistics clearly illustrate the challenges of how YouTubers compete with each other and grow in content.

More and more brands are working with YouTube influencers to make it a popular area for your investment time. If you can expand your reach and attract subscribers, you may also be able to earn considerable revenue from YouTube channels. In the past two years, an international social service studio “Fansdoor” has created a revolutionary Youtuber marketing strategy. They have created more than 1 million views for Youtuber, which has attracted the attention of the audience. Fansdoor buys various types of online advertisements for Youtuber videos. These optimized successful advertisements attract dozens to millions of views. People know that popular videos have many views, and the views determine the value of the movie and the viewer’s continued viewing rate.

1. More views means better quality Videos

The more subscribers and views get, the more money make. This impacts you because when you have more revenue you can dedicate more time and resources into creating great free videos with well-researched content. You will hire a better team and buy more advanced equipment. These advantages make you far ahead of your opponents. Romanian social expert Hjalmar Mackenzie gave two Youtube the most direct reasons to subscribers and views:

2. Subscribers attract advertisers

When advertisers see that a channel has a solid number of followers, they can immediately make a decision if investing in the Youtube channel is worth their time and money.

73% of adults in the U.S. use YouTube, that’s more than Facebook, and it is almost twice that of second place Instagram. According to Pew Research, YouTube is the most popular online platform in America.

However, Youtube requires users to follow the rules, they are not allowed to pay for subscribers and viewers through irregular payment methods. Violators may suffer unpredictable punishment. Fansdoor exposes the video in a formal way, and their customers win real-action viewing, which is the best incentive for the Youtube creator.

Photo from Fansdoor’s Youtube channel

86% of YouTube viewers say they use YouTube to learn new things. In view of this, it is really incredible how the number of video views on YouTube in each field has increased in the past few years. Stories and views are a good way to pique viewers’ interest. People are hardwired for stories and numbers. When you start your video with an intersting story, people will naturally want to stick around to see what happens.

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