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Aretomys R2 announces release of artificial intelligence writing software “OtoWriterFast”

by Derrick Smith

OtoWriterFast is an innovative software that makes writing text easy and diverse, and the article is no longer ordinary. This software changes the workflow of the writer, writing an ad copy is no longer annoying, and will be more efficient.

Helsinki, Finland (Merxwire) – “The savior” of the ad copywriter has already appeared, and Aretomys is about to release the first version of the new software “OtoWriterFast”, which will help the writer write a popular copy on November 1. This innovative software will give creative staff a great deal of help, and they will save more time because a thousand-word copy will be automatically generated in a few minutes.

Writing good articles for new products of the company always brings discouragement to marketing staff. If you want to write a good article, you must make the consumers willing to read and let the readers remember it in theirmind. OtoWriterFast automatically generates high quality copywriting with three types of algorithms:

1. AI Scenes

This software creates a scene or environmental background for the reader, and uses the scenes and products to let consumers feel the touch of your products. Feature:

(1) Integrate products and brand roles:
It can create a suitable story background based on product characteristics or brand positioning.

(2) Guide the reader’s association:
Find out the relevance of the product from a large amount of data in the database, and sort out the scenes that are most likely to generate associations.

(3) Mining the emotions of the target users:
Linking product positioning to people, driving consumers’ feelings about things and stimulating their desire to consume.

2. Analysis suggestion

(1) Find the characteristics and concepts of the product:
Use large customer database to analyze customer needs through big data, provide direction and suggestions for copywriting content

(2) Decide:
Adjust the scene and emotional combinations in the copy through different stages of insight reporting.

3. Call to action (CTA)

(1) Automatically pick the best CTA:
The customer’s potential demand is not a commodity, it is the result, and the software suggests the best call to action based on the consumer’s behavior.

(2) Feedback:
According to the past feedback, adjust the content of the article to produce better.

An excellent advertising copywriter will not only mention the function of the product, but the efficacy of the product. The function and effect are different! The value of the former can be estimated, and the value of the latter is infinite.


About Aretomys

Aretomys specializes in providing outstanding text writing service experience to corporate clients with language-based leadership, superior brand planning and extraordinary value. Aretomys is part of the WPR2 Group and sells and services worldwide through 8 brands and 30 offices, including European offices in Paris, France.


Welcome to Aretomys’ OtoWriterFast system, you will save a lot of time and get better benefits. For more information, please visit: https://aretomys.com/portfolio/otodemo


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